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Business Excellence Awards 2019

Dextra: Your Logistic Specialist for the World's most Outstanding Projects

Dextra: Your Logistic Specialist for the World's most Outstanding Projects

One of the main pillars of foundation of our modern economy is the construction sector. Without the support and technology from the construction industry, we wouldn’t be having our infrastructural links or our skyscrapers. Not just that- the construction industry plays an important role even in terms of economic developments by providing shelter, generating employment, contributing to the GDP, and increasing the infrastructural connectivity.

We have a very special company with us. Meet Dextra Group- a firm with a rich history that’s striving towards innovation and growth. Founded by French expatriate entrepreneurs, Dextra was founded in the year 1983. With decades of history, experience, and support- Dextra has come a long with its entrepreneurial spirit soaring high with its core solutions within the construction and industrial sectors. Manufacturing, trading, and freight forwarding are the three core activities of Dextra.

business excellence awards 2019

Today, Dextra Group employs over 900 people worldwide, has its activities in 55+ countries, manufactures in 3 prime locations, and operates through its network of direct subsidiaries and long-term partners. “Over the years, we have been involved in more than 10,000 major construction or industrial projects worldwide, providing us with unique global experience and expertise, which we continually spread through our network of partners,” says the Chairman and CEO- Mr. Jean-Marie Pithon.

Dextra believes that decades of experience have shown that today’s construction and industrial projects are simply more challenging than before. Constructions today go deeper, higher, and are producing more- even with tighter schedules. “This is why we exclusively focus on the delivery of solutions that will bring our customers’ project a step higher in terms of performance, productivity and safety: no compromise,” the CEO explains. “We have self-managed our growth as a private equity group and are still fully owned by our founders and managers.”

A story filled with rich experiences

Since its establishment in 1983, Dextra Group has continually developed throughout its long history. All these years, the company has encouraged its people to keep up the entrepreneurial spirit to keep striving towards growth and innovation. Today, it has led the company to diversification and exponential growth.

Spread across globally, Dextra has been involved in more than 8,000 major construction and industrial projects. All of this rich history has contributed to develop the company and create unique expertise to understand customers anywhere in the world. It has helped Dextra to tailor-make solutions and solve modern construction and industrial challenges.

Here’s a brief timeline of Dextra’s growth and each one is worth celebrating:

1983: First Asia Operation began in Bangkok- Thailand

1987: Acquired Dextra Pacific in Hong Kong

1988: First BARTEC coupler sold in Hong Kong

1989: First factory opened in Bangkok

1994: First project in China

1996: Incorporated Dextra China and a second factory

1997: First GFRP Soft-Eyes sold in Bangkok metro

1998: First GRIPTEC connections sold in Europe and USA

2000: First marine tie rods sold in Thailand

2001: Incorporated Dextra India

2003: Incorporated Dextra Middle East

2003: New GFRP J/V in China

2009: Incorporated Dextra America-USA

2009: Incorporated Dextra do Brazil- Brazil

2013: Dextra celebrated its 30th anniversary

2015: Opened its second factory in Bangkok

2015: Incorporated Dextra Industry & Transport in Yangon, Myanmar.

2016: Bartec couplers installed in the structure of Jeddah Tower, the future tallest building in the world (1,008 m)

2017: Opened a new workshop in Hong Kong


  • Vision

To be a global leader in engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of high value added quality products and services for the construction industry

  • Mission

To achieve customer recognition and stakeholder satisfaction by committing to the highest level of performance with integrity, creativity and a passion for results

  • Values
  1. Customer Recognition
  2. Integrity & Transparency
  3. Passion for results
  4. Creativity & Agility
  5. Commitment & Accountability
  • People

While spreading its construction wings into different countries, Dextra has grown into an organization of more than 900 people operating within the construction, building material, industrial, and forwarding sectors. The teams are spread across continents, but they ensure to collaborate on a daily basis. With such a diverse workforce, Dextra ensures to bring in a strong inclusive multicultural work environment and also promotes gender equality.

 “When in-depth know-how and quality are a must, Dextra is your solution.”

When it comes to solutions from Dextra, the company has put forth customer satisfaction and quality first. And Dextra acknowledges the dedication and the effort put in by its people. “Our current quality management systems are meeting the highest certification standards existing worldwide, thanks to its dedicated team of professionals, regularly audited by respected third parties,” Mr. Pithon notes.

Solving Challenges in the Construction Sector

When it comes to solving the challenges of the construction sector, Dextra is the pro! Be it engineering or distributing technical solutions- Dextra provides technical solutions for a vast array of construction application. This includes nuclear, precast, reinforced concrete, marine, and more. The team at Dextra dedicate themselves to the making of smart construction solutions right from the moment a customer’s journey begins. This has allowed customers to feel safer and also reach a higher level of productivity on their construction sites.

Having hold of physical stocks on several continents, Dextra’s network is complemented in every country by the local inventories of our distributors. The extended network assures that Dextra’s products are always available, especially during critical times. The construction firm owns its manufacturing facilities and processes in three major industrial sites located in Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), and Guangzhou (China). “This allows us to have complete control over the timing of our operations and the quality of the solutions produced,” says the CEO.

Project relocation and freight forwarding

When it comes to engineering and organizing super-sized large shipments to and from Asia, Dextra is your go-to partner. The company will take care of all the logistics behind the most challenging relocations. In fact, when it comes to large oversized shipments, you will need a reliable partner. And the expert with strong engineering expertise and a passion for flawless deliveries- especially in the Asia Pacific region is Dextra! Dextra- since 1992- has been operating in the Asia Pacific with Bangkok as its hub. Over the years, the Dextra Industry and Transport has grown to be experts in three areas:

  • General cargo forwarding to and from Asia
  • Engineering and coordination to forward super oversized cargo on a door-to-door basis
  • Delivering industrial services such as installation, dismantling, and relocation of large production equipment

Having such a large hub and delivering such solutions has many challenges. But Dextra is accustomed to most of the difficulties that come in transportation projects. Over the past two decades, Dextra has managed to move very large items for power plants, petrochemical, and oil & gas industry. For its relocation and freight forwarding projects, Dextra has many trusted customers, who have come back to work with the company again and again. “Trusted customer and partners among our references include companies like GE/Alstom, Toyo, CTCI, Doosan, Suez Energy, Black & Veatch, Tecnicas Reunidas, Posco, Herricks Inc, Corey Inc, CMI, NEM, Nooter, ABB, Siam Cement, PTT, and more,” says Mr. Pithon.

Distribution of piping/drainage solutions

For the past 30 years, Dextra has developed a specific activity of piping, drainage and structural solutions import, distribution, installation, and servicing. Situated specifically in Hong Kong and Macau, the piping and drainage solutions from Dextra is affiliated to Dextra Pacific Plumbing Limited and coordinated from the Wanchai office. Dextra operates a warehouse in Hong Kong to ensure the availability and proximity of the goods to all of its customers.

  • SMU Cast Iron piping systems: These piping systems are durable and chemical-resistant. Made from recycled materials, the pipes come with an external coating and internal linking that make them withstand even the most aggressive environments. The piping systems have more than 30 years of track record experience in Hong Kong
  • Stainless steel piping systems for potable water: These piping systems made from stainless steel are used for potable water systems in Hong Kong and Macau. Other applications from Dextra also include compress air system, rainwater drainage systems and catering equipment piping

As a qualified manufacturer with more than 35 years of delivering valuable solutions, Dextra today has emerged as a company on the top answering construction and transportation challenges. And with its large workforce on all continents, Dextra is en route to achieve more wonders in the coming years.

Leading from the Forefront

Jean-Marie Pithon- Group Chairman and CEO

Frenchman Jean-Marie Pithon is the founder, group chairman, and CEO of Dextra Group, which manufactures construction products. Established in Thailand in 1983, the business has grown extensively over the years and now has offices in Hong Kong, China, India, UAE, the EU, the US, and Brazil.

Honored with the French Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur in 2013, he holds a Ph.D. in International Business from the University of Rouen-France and is married to Dr. Nittaya Maneerat. The couple has two children living in the UK.

“The world-leading manufacturer of rebar mechanical splices, we also engineer and produce innovative architectural and geotechnical solutions in high-performance steel and FRP composite materials.”

“Dextra affiliate companies and trusted long term partners distribute our solutions over the world.”

“For solutions which required to be customized for each project, Dextra can also go beyond our standard delivery times and offer accelerated delivery schemes.”

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