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July Edition 2020

Benify: Engage Your Employees. Anytime. Anywhere.

Benify: Engage Your Employees. Anytime. Anywhere.

A business is only as good as the people it employs. While every business aims to excel in their endeavors, few succeed. For the success of a business, to be the best in any industry, it needs to engage its workforce. It is this engagement that strengthens the bond between the employer and employee. Businesses need to offer benefits to support their vital workforce to make them aware of their true value. Because people matter.

Founded in 2004 by three friends, Benify is today the leading global benefits and total rewards platform. It has over 1500 customers and 2 million users all over the world. The company was founded as Flexpay. It was renamed Benify ten years later and its solutions today are helping employers create benefits and rewards programs by reducing the hassle involved in benefits administration, improving the communication of their employee value proposition, and by automating processes. 

Anywhere and Anytime

Millions of employees all over the world tend to struggle to access and view the benefits they are entitled to and the rewards beyond their salary. Benify is a comprehensive platform that solves these issues.

The market-leading platform by Benify gives the employees of a company and its users' easy access to benefits and total rewards. The platform is highly customizable and offers an in-built data mapping tool that has powerful filtering capabilities. The platform is also a great communication engine that allows administrators to connect with the user at various touchpoints. Their portal is accessible anywhere and anytime which makes it easier for the employees to engage with their total employment reward beyond their salary. 

 Go Digital with the Boarding Process

The onboarding and offboarding process of any company contribute to creating a lasting impression. While the preboarding can be cumbersome with so many forms to complete, policies to read, and order items, offboarding too can be a tough experience. To solve this, Benify’s platform is a great solution. 

With Benify’s platform, all the steps can be made easy by making everything available on the employee’s work phone or laptop. Onboarding new employees can also be simplified through welcome videos,guided video tutorials, e-learning tools, digital handbooks, and more.

A positive employer experience includes saying farewell to the employees the right way. With Benify, employers can help the departing employees complete exit forms and questionnaires digitally and get valuable feedback in the process. This creates a great experience for an employee through the employee lifecycle.

Working with IFS

IFS, an internationally renowned IT company and one of Sweden’s ten best employers discovered that its employees were not totally aware of their employee benefits and total reward. The company had invested significantly in the benefits package but its employees did not think them to be unique or special compared to other employers. Being a company that operates in over 60 countries, IFS wanted to increase employee awareness, appreciation, and usage of benefits. The company looked to Benify for help. “When we realized that we needed to increase use and appreciation of our benefits, we turned to Benify,” said CharlottaLilieblad, Head of HR Service Centre at IFS.

IFS soon launched its Benify global benefits and total rewards platform for its employees in all markets where it’s possible. IFS HR was now able to reduce its administration by removing the need for creating and maintaining its own internal systems. “With Benify, benefits appreciation increased 71% without us changing a single benefit. The only thing we did was communicate and present everything better. Benefits usage also increased. Today, 40% more people use their Health & Wellness Contribution (friskvårdsbidrag),” said Lilieblab.


- Without having to add or change any of their benefits, the appreciation of IFS’s benefits offer increased by an incredible 71%

- Use of the Health & Wellness Contribution (friskvårdsbidrag) increased by as much as 40% after the implementation of Benify's benefits and total rewards platform

- Instead of handling 447 receipts a year, HR only needed to handle 12 invoices, freeing up much-needed internal resources

Helping in Times of Crisis

As the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic continues, industries have been hit severely. This is a tough time for people everywhere. It is critical to support public health right now. Benify has taken up the initiative by getting together with four suppliers to offer a digital health kit. 

The company put together the program that covers several health aspects based on the needs of employers - from a digital CBT program to combat corona-related concerns to even workout that people can do at home. The program has been provided by Benify free of charge to people for 30 days in Sweden and several other European countries. The offer was extended to over 1 million people. 

“I’m convinced these services can help prevent illness and long periods of sick leave. It feels fantastic to be able to offer our customers and their employees access to this digital health kit. At the same time, at Benify, we hope the investment will allow more of our users to see just how many employee benefits can actually be used remotely. Many of our suppliers have done an incredible job of converting to a more digital offering,” Viktor Håkansson, Head of Benefits, Benify.

Meet the Leader

Joakim Alm, CEO

Joakim Alm has extensive experience within international leadership, sales and the development of various platforms specialising in employee benefits, pensions, and insurance scheme. Alm joined Benify as Chief Commercial Officer in 2017.

Clients Speak

“Benify had so much knowledge, and we worked together as a team to build the SSO and understand all technical aspects. No time was wasted because Benify was always available to answer our questions.” – Caroline Roque, Benefits & Compensation Manager, Eurosport France

“With Benify, benefits appreciation increased 71% without us changing a single benefit. The only thing we did was communicate and present everything better. Benefits usage also increased. Today, 40% more people use their Health & Wellness Contribution (friskvårdsbidrag).”  – CharlottaLilieblad, Head of HR Service Centre at IFS

“I couldn’t have imagined just what a role Benify would play in our goal to be a more attractive employer.” – BjörnHolmén at TUI Nordic

Focus on Security

Information security and data protection is of prime importance at an organization like Benify. It isone of the very few companies which are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 for information security management systems and ISO/IEC 27018 for the protection of personal data in public clouds.

“Information security is of great importance to Benify and a core part of our business. You trust Benify to process your information, which means that we have a great responsibility in ensuring that the information is processed securely and according to all applicable laws and regulations. This is something we take most seriously.” – JoakimAlm, CEO of Benify

Helping Bring IT to Ghana

Benify partnered with an independent non-profit organization IT for Children. The organizationoffers ICT education and free daily access to computers and internet. They reach out to thousands of school children in Ghana.The organization is associated with UN’s Global SustainabilityGoal 9C.

“We are pleased to welcome Benify as a new partner. Thanks to their support, we will be able to help more children in Ghana with a better education through our scholarship program,” says TorstenKjellgren, CEO and Founder of IT for Children.


-For the second year in a row, Benify was named one of Sweden’s 10 best places to work by Great Place to Work® under the category, Large Organizations

- Benify and Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) received a Digital Innovation Award for their portal at the 11th annual TrophéesComp&Ben in Paris, France (2018)

- In 2018, Benify was awarded one of the Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in Europe 2018 by Human Resources magazine, HR Tech Outlook, after an evaluation of over 500+ HR Tech Solution providers in Europe

- In 2017, Benify and L’Oréal Germany, together, received a prestigious award at the HR Excellence Awards in Berlin, Germany for their My HR Reward Portal under the category “Compensation & Benefits”

“Benify is proud to be 100% independent and agnostic. Our truly mobile solution has reinvented the way modern employers engage their workforce.”

“Benify creates an immersive and globally consistent experience by providing unique, personal, mobile and local benefit and rewards enablement to every employee.”

“We have 250 employees in Product and Development dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our market-leading benefits and total rewards platform.”

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