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Factoreal – Redefining the future of Omnichannel experience

Factoreal – Redefining the future of Omnichannel experience

The way people shop continues to change with time. The modern consumer is no longer a single-channel shopper. Therefore, the imperative for marketers is to devise an omnichannel strategy that connects with core customers as they move between multiple channels and touchpoints. Yet most marketers don’t outperform across audience development, measurement, and activation plans, the combination of which is the key to success. It’s not simple to accomplish. Marketers have long been plagued by tools that lack features, visibility of their customers’ end-to-end digital behavior, forcing them to work directly within the social platforms. This highly reduces their marketing capacity, preventing them from easily envisioning the brand’s strategy.

Factoreal starts by building support and commitment within your marketing team to begin this journey toward marketing excellence. It is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that leverages a multi-channel marketing approach to provide customers with an integrated, personalized, seamless experience across all digital channels throughout the customer journey. With its highly intuitive interface, Factoreal lets businesses expertly design, launch, and monitor even the most complex customer journeys to automatically deliver interactions to the best available resource. It’s all part of the Factoreal approach to omnichannel customer engagement.

The origin of Factoreal

Founded by Aditya Dhruva in 2019, Factoreal began its journey as an omnichannel marketing automation provider. With a vision to “Help Every Marketer Be A PRO,” the company continues to add new capabilities every month. “At Factoreal, we leverage on technology to empower the “Growth for Every Marketer” philosophy, empowering the growth of professionals, businesses, and industries. We will continue our commitment to provide cutting-edge technologies to drive this growth across various fields and channels in marketing,” says Aditya, CEO of Factoreal.

Supported by a team of experts in various verticals and markets, the platform continues to grow at a rapid pace. The company has been focussing on global expansion since they started, and the team comprises people from diverse cultures and backgrounds around the world.

Customer Intelligence

The recipe for a successful business starts with identifying your ideal consumer or target audience, which can be a complex endeavor. Appealing to consumers, in general, is a challenge. There’s not one characteristic of the entire demographic. There’s no one way to slice your audience—segmenting in the aggregate isn’t a means to success. Beyond age and gender, it’s understanding income, interest, and affinity, too.

Not every consumer wants the same thing from your business. They each have different levels of disposable income and diverse shopping experiences. Factoreal lets you accomplish the task of segmenting your audience by using the science of connecting customers’ many identifiers across channels (like email addresses, phone numbers, interest, experience, location, interaction with your previous campaigns, interaction with your website, and a lot more) into a single customer profile.

Customer Experience

Today, consumers expect a more personalized experience when dealing with a business irrespective of how they interact with a brand – be it app, web, SMS, email, or wherever. For marketers, strategically anticipating the wide variety of omnichannel opportunities their brand can seize gives them greater control over the outcome. Factoreal understands the need for an omnichannel approach to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. And therefore, they have aligned these channels together so that marketers can use related channels to enhance their marketing and service efforts, all from a single platform.

Customer Analytics

To model accurate customer segments, you need to capture the types of behaviors and characteristics of the people driving your e-commerce sales and gain valuable insights. That is the foundation that enables you to build far more impactful customer journeys for those segments than any broad, “built for everyone” demographic targeting can provide.

In order to surface, socialize and act upon these insights, Factoreal helps you implement a unified measurement platform that considers all factors that impact customers making purchases beyond simply the marketing at an individual level. The clear benefit is increased sales and customer acquisition, building a crucial competitive advantage today and into the future.

With new marketing channels emerging, it’s time marketers shift their focus to an all-in-one platform that supports all channels and provides a completely seamless experience to both customers and users. Factoreal is an all-in-one platform designed for marketers from the ground up to help automate customer journeys across multiple channels. It is a scalable and extensible cloud-based engagement platform that enables marketers to make real-time, data-driven business decisions, maximize ROI, and heighten the overall customer experience.

What’s New at Factoreal?

Factoreal Releases Major Automation Suite for Twitter

With features like email automation, social media posting, social ads, landing pages and forms, website tracking, and a powerful audience builder already in place, in January 2021, Factoreal released its biggest update to date for its marketing automation platform. It enables marketers to centrally manage more social accounts with fewer touchpoints and more control, all from their Factoreal centralized marketing automation hub.

“It’s a very good time to join the Factoreal community of users,” said CEO Aditya Dhruva, “This is just a single step forward for us here at Factoreal, and we’re very excited to roll out many more feature-rich updates like this one throughout the rest of the year.”

Factoreal Introduces New SMS Marketing Channel to Its Customer Engagement Platform

Available today, Factoreal’s new SMS Marketing feature boasts template management, consent management, and the ability to send real-time or scheduled messages. Users can also see a list of all destinations and messages sent to recipients.

The man who made it happen

Aditya Dhruva, the CEO of Factoreal, is a thought leader with a stellar track record of business innovation, strategy, and running profitable businesses. He has done his entrepreneurship education from MIT and is a graduate in Electronics and Communications. He has authored five patents, and in his past, he has held various leadership positions at Comviva, Cisco, and Nokia.

“The platform simplifies the way we connect with our client base allowing better communication and tracking. I would recommend Factoreal to other agile organizations who are looking to unify their marketing and realize efficiencies in administration. Thank you, team, at Factoreal,” Tuuli Bell, Tuuli sell Ltd.

“Designing our campaigns has been very easy, and we love the analytics the platform provides. We also use the platform to create multiple landing pages and forms for our business which has been very user-friendly. Highly recommend this platform.” Hillary Gadsby & Wendi Boyden, Co-Founders of Boss Talks Network.

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