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GammaStack — A suite of technology and business consultation for your iGaming business

GammaStack — A suite of technology and business consultation for your iGaming business

Creating a game is a very rewarding and creative process that requires game design, graphic design, and programming skills. The number of gamers and game streamers is constantly rising, as more and more engaging games are being made each day, and people spend more time playing or watching live streams. Today, game design has become a very popular, dedicated field of study, with some people choosing to focus solely on design overwriting code. The concepts of experience, engagement, and enjoyment are fundamentally important to both players and developers. Players want a fun experience that offers an engaging experience. For a game creator, the players' enjoyment is tied directly to the success of the game.

GammaStack is the leading iGaming platform solutions provider which offers an entire suite of technology and business consultation for starting and successfully running your iGaming business. It creates iGaming solutions that are impactful, user-friendly, and can help you stand out in the industry. The company aligns its technology solutions according to the unique industry requirements in order to ensure that your product launch is robust, timely, and seamless.

Their iGaming Platform Development services include game design and development, Stats & Odds API integration, 3rd party game integration, multiple payment system integrations, and affiliate systems. GammaStack is a leading iGaming Platform provider offering a host of iGaming services that can help operators gain a position as market-leaders in their respective domains and maximize their user base.

Apart from gaming, GammaStack is an end–to–end IT services and solutions provider delivering platforms that overcome business challenges and increase revenues. Their services revolve around software product development using multiple technologies to ensure quick time to market, quality, and peace of mind. With over 200+ team members determined to serve best to the clients, the company offers a plethora of customized software development services accompanied by an out-of-box approach, adeptness, and growth innovation strategies directed towards achieving high-end results. Having more than eight years of experience in the industry has enabled GammaStack to get connected with some of the most reliable & renowned data feed as well as payment gateway providers in the industry. Some of the gaming-focused solutions provided by GammaStack include:

Fantasy Sports Solutions

Fantasy Sports is the latest phenomenon in the iGaming industry, which can create unmatched engagement and bring new players to your iGaming platform. GammaStack holds a niche position as an iGaming platform solutions provider. Its services are ROI-driven and come with the highest level of customization. It includes Daily Fantasy Sports Software Development, Weekly & Custom duration Fantasy Sports Platforms and Season-long Fantasy Sports Application Development.

Sports Betting

The more flexibility a product offers, the more attention it gains from its customers. The sports betting solution offers your customers a unique sports betting experience through a custom-built sportsbook/ betting platform. Their sports betting solutions comes with diverse features such as unlimited sports, easy payment systems, and cryptocurrency integrations in your platform according to your business needs. GammaStack also develops sportsbooks that can either work as standalone products or can be implemented in your existing gambling platform.

Online Casino Software Solution

While developing the online casino game, GammaStack aims to match the experience of playing in an online casino with land-based casinos. It strives to provide excellent online casino games that are safe for the user in terms of trading and purchases, secure, and ultimately user-friendly. It supports some popular games worldwide, including Poker, Bingo, Blackjack, Lottery, and Baccarat.

eSports Platform Development

An estimated 600 million viewers and revenue of 1.48 billion by the year 2020 make esports an unavoidable category for iGaming operators. GammaStack utilizes its long-term experience in eSports platform development and creates your product in a manner that helps the operators to execute your esports platform plans.

Social Gaming Platform Development

The social gaming platform development helps you grow your iGaming business through the community of sports fans who love to engage and enjoy their favorite sports in the most innovative ways. Notifications, Messages, Live Chat, Match forums, activity walls, follow & friendship module, H2H & pool contests, achievement badges are some of the features that the company implements in your Sports Social Gaming platform for the impact that you wish to create.

Blockchain Integration to Your iGaming Platform

GammaStack assists you in creating your desired iGaming platform with the aid of blockchain technology. Using blockchain technology, your future-ready iGaming product becomes provably fair and gains high quality, transparency. The company creates blockchain-based online casino platforms that provide the same adrenaline thrill of betting and are easy to operate, user-friendly, and secure from a user's perspective. GammaStack also develops bespoke online casino engines for existing iGaming operators to scale their offerings. Their iGaming platform development offerings include unlimited sports and event integrations, new contest types, unique team drafts, and blockchain integration customized as per your needs.

Meet the CEO

Gaurav Soni is the Co-Founder & CEO of Gammastack, a leading IT service provider company for iGaming, Blockchain, Logistic, and Automobile industries. Gaurav is a developer from heart, having more than ten years of experience in software development, and has worked with many technical and non-technical clients. His expertise in various domains, understanding of client's business, and suggesting the best approach have won many clients and made their business successful.

Before Gammastack, Gaurav was co-founder and CEO of Grepruby, a web, and mobile app development company. He has made Gammastack win central India's Best Blockchain Startup company Award in the year 2017. Gaurav holds a Master of Computer Application degree from the School of Computer Science, Devi Ahilya University, Indore.

"We strive our best to become the most preferred software development company to partner with. Also, to help our clients to create high-quality services in all aspects that adds business value and help them make an impact in their respective industries."

"Our tailored services help organizations to accelerate the integration and implementation of the latest technology trends into their growth plans. We are the most notable players of the niche technologies like AI, AR, Blockchain, RoR, Node, Angular, and other battlefields of Information Technology."

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