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GCAC leverages AI and Blockchain to improve patients health and boost cannabis business growth

GCAC leverages AI and Blockchain to improve patients health and boost cannabis business growth

In the past decade cannabis transformed from the devil's grass to a cash crop in the eyes of the American public. While once-angry old hippies smugly say, "we told you so," the global marijuana-economy booms higher than they could’ve imagined, expected to hit $58.90 billion by 2023. However, the shadow of cannabis’ criminalization is not past us yet. In fact, we now face a world where medical marijuana patients have ample access to medication, yet little data regarding how to use it.

Enter Global Cannabis Applications Corp (GCAC), a Canada-based company with R&D in Israel and offices around the world, leveraging artificial intelligence, blockchain, utility tokens, and medical cannabis-related database and technologies to ameliorate this issue. Through these avenues, they have created the Citizen Green Community which includes the Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution, a retailer-patient desktop/mobile platform. Prescriptii provides pain to strain insights and recommendations and the Seed2Seed platform which closes the seed to sale loop with feedback seed-to-sale-to-seed. The platform aggregates data from both patients and clinicians and recommends optimal treatment options to patients.

Beginning as a mobile application developer, over the past few years the organization rose to become a leading innovator of data technologies in the cannabis industry. To do so, starting with a proprietary database of over 10 years of medical cannabis field research, Bradley Moore, CEO and Director of GCAC, implemented a strategy to build a single platform that would ultimately connect patients, dispensaries, medical professionals, and licensed cannabis producers.

To complete this task, he assembled a team of uniquely qualified individuals who brought expertise in six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, reg tech, smart databases, blockchain, and digital reward tokens. With their help, Moore orchestrated these systems to create a data solution for the cannabis marketplace. This platform serves a number or purposes, but most importantly, it improves outcomes for medical cannabis patients.

The company changed its name, management, and strategies in 2017 to pursue opportunities in the medical cannabis space. Thus, Global Cannabis Applications was born to address the void of data and information in the industry. Around this time the Citizen Green Community was introduced as the central brand to its cannabis data initiative.

New beginnings

A lot of things changed for Global Cannabis in 2017 as it set out into new markets with a fresh mission and innovative strategy. Initially, in 2017, the company focused on patient-centered mobile applications. However, while developing and launching these apps, it became evident that all of the stakeholders in the cannabis industry - including patients, medical professionals, dispensaries, licensed producers, and regulators - had a desperate need for more data and information. In addressing this need, the opportunity presented itself to broaden the company’s reach and use its advanced technology to build an application that would soon become the largest data repository in the cannabis industry.

A common term in this cannabis industry is “seed to sale”, which refers to tracking the journey of a cannabis product from when it is planted to when it is sold. The Citizen Green Community was created to engage every stakeholder and collect data along this pathway. However, it goes a step further to close the ‘seed to sale’ loop by tracking the user experience after the product is sold. This gives producers feedback on how to improve what they grow, bringing the process full circle: “seed to sale to seed”.

Marketing Solutions for cannabis

Global Cannabis Applications has created a number of programs that will work in concert to streamline all aspects of the “seed to sale to seed” journey. These initiatives focus on data collection, aggregation, and distribution.

  • Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution

This patient-care solution is a mobile application that integrates medical cannabis retailers and patients into an online portal that optimizes a retail dispensaries business operations through marketing and inventory management. More importantly, it includes a module that generates cannabis product recommendations for patients, tracks the treatment through the prescribed time frame, and makes recommendations for new products based on the patient’s needs. Global Cannabis’ revenue comes from increasing business for medical cannabis dispensaries through the use of the Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution.

  • The Citizen Green Onward Rewards

Onward Rewards is a program designed to improve customer loyalty to retail dispensaries. The platform is powered by the Citizen Green Coin (CGC), a utility token with real-world value. This innovative reward token is is a loyalty reward that patients earn in exchange for inputting their product experiences into the Prescriptii Patient-Care mobile app. The coins are used by patients towards future purchases from a dispensary. Retail dispensaries also use the Citizen Green Coin to purchase customized marketing programs to increase customer retention and product sales and to acquire new customers.

  • Citizen Green MarketPlace

 This is the marketplace where retail dispensaries can buy and sell data and information with other registered organizations.  An integral part of the Citizen Green Community is a massive database which grows bigger each time a patient or customer interacts with a dispensary. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, data is processed to create smart data and insights that are used by the dispensaries to create marketing programs. The data is also sold by dispensaries to other interested commercial parties. This marketplace is powered by the Citizen Green Coin token and dispensaries earn coins for the data they sell.

Moving Forward

Earlier in Q4 2018, Global Cannabis launched a significant sales push in the southern United States to over 3,000 medical cannabis dispensaries across California, Arizona, and more. Owners of medical cannabis dispensaries were invited to visit to learn about the smart technology driven Citizen Green Community and to register for the patient-care solution. Global Cannabis also sent its representatives to the MJBizCon Expo and Conference in Las Vegas where they demonstrated the Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution to many of the attending retail dispensaries. Early results were very positive for GCAC with many retail dispensaries subscribing to the solution.

Big Data, A Major Player for Global Cannabis

As Citizen Green’s network of retail dispensaries builds, so does the database and its value. Through the company’s advanced technologies, important market and data insights can be mined from this database. This valuable information will attract other industry stakeholders beyond retail dispensaries including licensed producers, scientists, and medical professionals to join the Citizen Green Community.

A promising future

The most unique aspect of the Citizen Green Community is that it’s designed to be dynamic, scalable, and easily translated into other languages. With these aspects, the organization is broadening its network of companies by entering into strategic partnerships with companies in California, and Latin America, like Grassroots SpA, a medical cannabis company based in Chile, and a healthy pipeline of retail, medical, and supply chain opportunities in the US and around the world.

The expansion into Latin America is a significant step for the company as it marks the second language that will be used for the Citizen Green Community. It seems as though Germany and other  European markets will follow.

Citizen Green is set to launch an aggressive sales promotion to register retail dispensaries on to its Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution. Using this system, the company will generate monthly access fees and patient fees from each medical cannabis retail dispensary. Due to the design and scalability of the Citizen Green Community, there is no limit to the number of dispensaries that can join, creating the opportunity for significant revenue. Global Cannabis is confident that as the Community grows, so too will the underlying database and second stream of revenue through the Citizen Green Marketplace. Playing in a space of their own, the future looks bright for this innovative technology company.

Big Data, a major player

As the network of retail dispensaries builds, so does the database and so does the value of the database. Through the advanced technologies previously mentioned, important market and data insights can be mined from the database. This valuable information will attract other industry stakeholders beyond retail dispensaries industry including licensed producers, scientists, and medical professionals to join the Community.

Howdy Innovator!

Bradley Moore, CEO & Director With 20 years of practical business leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies, Brad Moore leads Global Cannabis Applications Corp (GCAC). He has a strong background with internet-based start-up corporations and a proven track record restructuring and developing early-stage businesses. Moore holds an MBA from Royal Roads University.

“With more markets joining the medical revolution, the importance and value for data and information on medical cannabis performance, has never been greater.”

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