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An innovator solving the biggest data challenges, enabling you to understand and share data stories that drives your business forward: Gemini Data

An innovator solving the biggest data challenges, enabling you to understand and share data stories that drives your business forward: Gemini Data

As the workplace becomes more tech-driven and fast-paced, data analysis and the skills gained from data analysis courses are going to play an increasingly important role in business. Data analysis is an internal organisational function performed by Data Analysts that is more than merely presenting numbers and figures to management. It requires a much more in-depth approach to recording, analysing and dissecting data, and presenting the findings in an easily-digestible format. Data analysis is important in business to understand problems facing an organisation, and to explore data in meaningful ways. Data in itself is merely facts and figures. Data analysis organises, interprets, structures and presents the data into useful information that provides context for the data. Gemini Data was founded with the mission to help people effectively mold data into stories because all the information that you get in dashboard, spreadsheets, visualizations, etc. give you the idea of ‘what’ is happening rather than ‘why’ something is happening. Gemini’s data storytelling platform enables you to see what you can not see in the lines, rows and columns of spreadsheets or statistical dashboards and reports. Gemini Enterprise is designed to draw out the associations, connections and relationships in complex datasets so that we all can easily interpret and share them with one another.

Information has been the driving force of success for many modern businesses. This is because an advanced understanding of the implementation, impact, and consequences of data on a company can promote better awareness of its operations and maximize outcomes. In fact, according to a 2016 McKinsey report, companies that embrace data and analytics can experience significant returns, specifically, a 6 to 9% revenue increase. This means it’s a no-brainer for businesses to embrace data, but that’s the only first step. The next step is understanding that data, followed by gaining actionable insights. And to do either of those things effectively, data contextualization is key.

Better Data Means Better Outcomes

Once you’re sure you’re measuring and collecting information on the right things, you can apply that information to move the business forward. Contextualized data can help leaders within an organization get better at their jobs by identifying opportunities, forecasting trends, and spotting red flags. When managers have a firm grasp of their team’s activities and outputs, they have a full picture of how they’re driving results and meeting goals (or not). In doing that, they can also provide their team with real-time, evidence-based feedback that supports them and ensures success. With a bird’s eye view of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities, leaders can make more informed decisions and tweak current strategies to get more desirable outcomes.  For example, if a manager sees that Production Team A is consistently missing a specific deadline, data contextualization can help them identify the cause and make adjustments to fix it. Without that data, or an understanding of what it’s saying, the problem could continue for years without resolution. Humans are complex beings and there are often many factors influencing outcomes so it’s important for leaders to have the full picture.

Memorable, Persuasive and Engaging Data Stories

Bring ample context and commentary needed to fully appreciate an insight. Gemini Explore transforms data and analytics by enabling you to easily and intuitively interact with data using contextual storytelling. It’s all about simplifying and making it easier to see, understand, and communicate the complex – so people can learn faster and do their jobs better. Traditional data analytics solutions are static and very tabular, while useful for making charts and graphs and understanding historical trends, they are not useful for comprehending complex data associations, connections and relationships. Data storytelling will continue to have an impactful role in the business world, and most importantly, contextualizing this data will allow companies to make smarter decisions and maximize outcomes. Understanding what data is saying and using that information to increase productivity is just one way that contextualization can help shape the future of business. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a data expert to interpret and dissect valuable data for your business. At Gemini Data, they help  businesses optimize their processes through powerful data visualization techniques. The company’s advanced analytics solutions will make it easier to compare trends and visualize projections.

Johnny Lin, Co-Founder and CEO

“Gemini Explore transforms data analytics by enabling anyone to easily and intuitively interact with data using contextual storytelling.”

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