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GoSecure: Security that drives business results

GoSecure: Security that drives business results

The modern lifestyle is largely based on the World Wide Web. This includes major components of almost every business in the world. In such a wide and diverse platform, the number of bad actors exploiting weak points has skyrocketed. Today, it's risky for any organization to operate without proper network security. We have with us GoSecure, a company that helps to reduce IT risks and addresses specific business challenges.

Ever since its establishment in 2002, GoSecure is set on a mission to provide business enterprises with its expert cybersecurity services and solutions. The innovative services from the company focus on quality, respect and integrity. With offices spread across Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Halifax and London (U.K.), GoSecure consists of qualified analysts and engineers, who are completely dedicated to cybersecurity services. With strong academic and professional backgrounds, there are more than 80 employees at GoSecure.

The Cybersecurity Experts

GoSecure has become a national provider of technical and professional security services for business & governmental organizations, where the size doesn’t matter! The company has various collaborations with many organizations that have both unique and complex cybersecurity requirements. How it does this, one may wonder. GoSecure simply combines its tactical and operational areas with investments and industry contributions in security research and development.

At GoSecure, there are two Security Operational Centers (SOCs). These centers operate on a 24x7x365 basis and provide managed services. It extends to various cybersecurity platforms like firewalls, IPS, EDR solutions, patch management, SIEM, and incident response. Apart from this, GoSecure has a separate platform dedicated to threat hunting and incident response services called the Halifax Advanced Response Centre (ARC).

However, the highlight of the company’s offerings is Managed Cybersecurity Services. These services are built around multiple SOCs, which cover the innovative and effective EndPoint Security Lifecycle, Advanced Adversary Protection or Active Vulnerability Compliance. The Managed Cybersecurity Services support classic collaborative operations for market-leading Advanced Firewall, Advanced Malware Threat Prevention, IPS/IDS, SIEM, and Secure Remote Access technologies. This also includes CheckPoint, FireEye, TrendMicro, RSA, IBM, Fortinet, and others.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

GoSecure’s Managed Cybersecurity Services requires further elaboration. It also offers perimeter defense and intelligence-driven SIEM. There are more services that the platform offers like Audits & Tests, Strategizing, Designing, and Operations.

  • Audits and Tests

One of the striking features of GoSecure is that it has a proven track record when it comes to uncovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities, be it in technologies, processes or people. The team here provides actionable items for risk mitigation. They do this by using the in-house tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), along with industry-leading practices like OWASP, OSSTMM, COBIT, ISO or NIST. Audits and Tests at GoSecure also include application security testing, compliance audit, ethical hacking, social engineering, and source code audit

  • Strategize

Business organizations often find it daunting to strategically plan about their cybersecurity. They need to juggle about meeting compliance requirements along with providing adequate security to mitigate relevant business risks. But GoSecure can take care of that with its proven track record of helping clients to better understand their risks, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. With this knowledge, businesses can build an effective strategy for their IT security. GoSecure’s strategies include governance, risk and control strategy, compliance planning, defining policy and process, security and compliance roadmaps, and INFOSEC roadmap

  • Design

Once a business has chosen its security strategy, the natural next course of action is security architecture or design. This critical series of steps consists of making efficient and effective use of technology and supporting procedures to implement the controls needed to meet an organization’s security and compliance objectives. When it comes to designing with GoSecure, it has security architecture, security baselining, security technology and process roadmap, and operationalizing security plans

  • Operate

Every business is unique. This is why, the analysts and engineers at GoSecure need to find the most efficient and effective route to resolve issues from their extensive pool of experience. Once the issues are quickly solved, it brings a positive change throughout the implementation projects. It doesn’t matter if it is to intervene in high stakes incidents or to deploy and optimize cybersecurity technologies; GoSecure and its operations are always willing and able. Operations at GoSecure provide operational security support and training, incident responses and forensics, technology and process implementation, and cybersecurity solution configuration & policy optimization

The Security Expert of GoSecure

Pascal Fortin, President and Chairman of the Board

Eager to get a start in the world of opportunity that presents itself in the digital age, Pascal started his first IT Services consulting firm in 1997 at the age of 17 and went on to have a thriving career as a self-taught Information Technology expert and director at a multinational company. Convinced of the value of education as much as hard work, he pursued university studies part-time over 10 years, earning his bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Pascal joined GoSecure in 2004 with the mandate to build a world-class engineering and consulting team and when faced with a management crisis, he stepped up to being president of the company in 2008. Still very active in the field, he provides services as an Information Security and Risk Management Senior Advisor to clients of all business sectors. He has made recent contributions in various national speaking engagements for organizations such as the IIA, Government and private events like GoSec.

“Our expertise in strategic, tactical and operational areas, combined with investments and industry contributions in security research and development has enabled GoSecure to collaborate with organizations that have unique and complex security requirements.”

“Our advisory teams have a proven track record to help our clients better understand their risks when it comes to cybersecurity, and with that knowledge comes the ability to build an effective strategy.”

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