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The most trusted name in IT services: INFINIT Consulting

The most trusted name in IT services: INFINIT Consulting

Many firms rely on their IT teams to run their business. An IT solutions provider can help your company reach its utmost potential with the help of the latest technology and the ultimate cybersecurity protection. We introduce you to INFINIT Consulting, it specializes in providing customized, rock-solid IT solutions you need to not only support the shape your business takes today, but to help it continue to grow and evolve for years to come.

It helps you pinpoint business obstacles, showing you how to resolve them using the power of modern technology. The firm is an empowerment specialist, giving you everything you need to make faster, smarter business decisions so that you can become more agile and more profitable than you ever thought possible.

“Supercharge your business by reducing IT friction and waste. Our team of experts is ready to assist with both tactical and strategic technology initiatives.”

Zeal to success

INFINIT proactively plans, integrates, and maintains IT solutions to keep its clients’ businesses running securely with maximum productivity and uptime. Whether you’re in need of cloud solutions, managed IT services, or IT consulting, INFINIT can help you every step of the way.

Where INFINIT aspires to reach!

INFINIT’s goal is to be your partner, not just a provider. It believes IT support is all about relationships. It treats your challenges as its own and engages with you on a personal level, providing the best solutions and guidance and accepting nothing less than perfection as a result.

Managed IT Services

No two businesses have the same IT requirements. That’s why INFINIT offers a range of support plans that are flexible enough to meet any support needs. While they offer options that include only 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and maintenance services, most clients opt for their full Managed IT Service, available through their various Technology Transformation Services plans.

The company quotes, “We can completely take over your IT management or augment and extend of your team, complementing your internal IT staff by offloading some of their day-to-day operations so they’re free to focus on other important areas of your business.”

Extensive expertise in managed IT

Over INFINIT’s many years of services, it has been delivering high-performing technology solutions and prompt, professional support with a laser-like focus on its clients’ success. Outsourcing your IT to INFINIT means its technicians will proactively monitor your IT environment and fix issues before they arise. Even better, they will provide sound advice, recommendations, and guidance on how you can leverage technology to transform the way you do business.

End-to-end managed security services

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day, which is why security needs to be high on the list of any organization’s priorities. The firm offers INFINIT SHIELD and INFINIT SHIELD Score, all-inclusive solutions leveraging best-of-breed security products, its decades of Cybersecurity expertise, and a reinvented enterprise security framework that provides the best possible protection for your business network and data.

Network support & security services

The one thing businesses can’t go without is a reliable network infrastructure that’s always on and optimized for peak performance. From site inspection and blueprint design to deployment and ongoing support, INFINIT provides truly end-to-end managed network services. Whether you need to install a new wireless network, replace your current infrastructure, or relocate to another premise, INFINIT’s certifiedengineers can get the project done on time and well within your budget.

Rendered solutions

Software development:With over a decade of experience, INFINIT offers a complete range of custom software development services for a wide variety of industries. It adopts an agile methodology to facilitate seamless communication with its clients and ensure they’re getting the most from their investments.

INFINIT can assist you at any stage of the software development life cycle, from conceptualization and business analysis to prototyping and deployment. Its developers specialize in full stack, AI/ML, big data, analytics, and massive parallel processing, as well as web, mobile, and app integration projects.

Legal IT services:INFINIT knows that secure communications, immediate access to data, and the ability to work while on the move are key in today’s dynamic legal environment. Your firm is entrusted with large amounts of confidential data every day, and you need reliable IT systems to manage it and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

INFINIT provides all the IT solutions your law firm needs to operate efficiently on a daily basis. Its technicians do more than just fix your technology when it breaks — they provide comprehensive IT support that includes system management, data security, and 24/7 monitoring to keep your IT environment optimized for peak performance.

IT support: Whether it’s a forgotten password or a full-blown IT emergency, tech issues sap your productivity and raise employee stress, leading to reduced revenue. Partner with INFINIT, and they will provide expert IT support services that resolve your problems quickly and without disruption. They charge the same flat fee regardless of how many problems they fix and how many hours they spend, so they are incentivized to address the roots of your problems to ensure they do not reoccur.

“We ensure you have the best possible guidance when making important IT decisions.”

Why is INFINIT’s IT support so valuable?

Quick Resolutions: Powerful remote access tools mean they can fix most issues fast without a visit.

Unlimited Support: They are dedicated to your success no matter how many problems they have to fix.

Knowledgeable, Friendly Technicians: Their seasoned support staff understand your frustration and are experts at jargon-free explanations.

Reliable on-site and remote it support

The INFINIT support team knows that every second you spend waiting for them to fix your issues is lost productivity, so they employ advanced remote access tools on all your systems. These allow them to fix most issues from their support center in a matter of minutes after a request for support. If your problem requires the hands-on approach, they will be there fast with a solution.

Education: Educating students in an IT-equipped classroom is a fundamental part of the modern-day curriculum. Your students should have access to the best technology to help them learn, create, and develop strong digital skills to bring with them into their futures.

INFINIT understands the need for technology to run smoothly in the classroom. Its experts will help you build and maintain a seamless IT infrastructure that grows and adapts to your students’ requirements. INFINIT also provides training and support for your staff to ensure they can leverage technology to improve student outcomes.

INFINIT helps in best possible ways
When a cosmetics retailer aims to get cloud-ready; INFINIT makes more than superficial changes to its network infrastructure, priming the company for agility, flexibility, and omni-channel ascendance.

The company’s name may be playful. But with a clear direction and stalwart leadership, e.l.f. (an acronym for eyes, lips, face) Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing cosmetics companies in the U.S., and the company isn’t shy about its lofty ambitions. Simply put, the retailer wants to be a paragon of omni-channel innovation and efficiency.

To achieve all of that, e.l.f. needs four things:

Creativity (check), a go-to partner (got it), and technology (covered). Fourth, it needs to continue its digital transformation.

More Than Skin Deep: A Strong Foundation for Growth

Established in 2004 as an e-commerce brand, e.l.f. waited nearly a decade before launching its first branded store. Before that, the company ventured into the retail market by placing its products in Target.

The first step in e.l.f.’s transformational journey was deploying Microsoft’s Office 365.

INFINIT Delivers Digital Transformation

When e.l.f. teamed up with INFINIT, the cosmetics company needed help unlocking the cloud’s potential to further advance its growth ambitions. Chopra had a strong vision and a number of projects on her to-do list. A Microsoft partner and Office 365 expert, INFINIT optimized e.l.f.’s cloud infrastructure, added enterprise capabilities to Office 365, and deployed the Azure Active Directory user authentication service to manage users on the network.

Jerod Powell, Founder & President

A true IT innovator and an accomplished businessman, Jerod is an expert in all aspects of IT, strategic planning, project management, M&A, process optimization, compliance and organizational development. He has a long track record of inventing, crafting and delivering cutting-edge solutions designed to support organizations through rapid growth and expansion. A dynamic leader with strong strategic vision and a potent skill set, Jerod is supremely positioned to drive revenue growth, market share and international market expansion. 

Jerod is also a member of the Cloud Community Council and Ingram Micro PAC. Jerod Powell has also participated in a plethora of speaking engagements such as NextGen Cloud Conference and Microsoft World Partner Conference.

“We provide assistance for any and all of your technology issues, whenever you need it so you can get back on track and stay there.”

“We ensure you have the best possible guidance when making important IT decisions.”

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