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Inkling: Get your Workforce Humming

Inkling: Get your Workforce Humming

Inkling is an American company based in San Francisco, California that produces a set of tools that businesses use to build, manage, and distribute digital content. Inkling is on a mission to transform the way field workers get work done. As more businesses invest in mobile devices to help field teams do their jobs, Inkling aims to be the number one enterprise software system for communicating with and coordinating execution in field teams.

The company was established by Matt MacInnis, Josh Forman, and Robert Cromwell with a vision to reinvent the way knowledge is created and shared. Inkling is backed by Sequoia Capital, featured in Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, and ranked number 105 in Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 fastest growing companies. It specializes in Training and Development, Mobile publishing, Cloud publishing, Authoring solution, Apps, eBooks, Content management, and mLearning.

Smart Communications

In fast-paced, detail-rich, rapidly changing field environments, having access to the most recent content is not only convenient—it’s mandatory. This is where Inkling Knowledge gives the teams a direct access to the information they need to get their jobs done. Inkling Knowledge is a powerful smart content system that empowers the workforce with information that is needed to be successful.

Inkling Knowledge makes it easy to deliver training and operational guides to field employees in an interactive, mobile-first format. Content creators can enhance content with interactivity, distribute with one-click, and track and measure content effectiveness with embedded analytics. It’s a mobile, smart content system that delivers superior field communication and improved workforce performance.

Working Smarter

Inkling started with an idea to modernize the way people learn. It built an innovative platform to convert printed content to digital — grounded in the belief that technology should not only be useful, but delightful too. Today, the company is focused on creating tools that help businesses be more efficient, by empowering everyone from upper management to the workers in the field. Because when the whole team works smarter, business is more profitable, more enjoyable — and open for better.

“We believe that everyone has an important role to play and that the bigger picture is comprised of countless smaller pieces, all adding value in their unique way,” says the CEO of Inkling, Matt MacInnis. “It’s how we treat each other, and it shows in our work.”

Inkling values transparency and it is open and honest in all situations. Full transparency demands it to be vulnerable and requires trust, integrity, and humility. The company also values grit and courage. “We have the courage and resolve. We embrace the struggle,” noted MacInnis. At the same time, Inkling also signifies quality. Every action, conduct, and personal interaction is performed with the highest quality. “We insist on quality people, processes, and decisions.”


While working at Inkling, the employees never have to worry about going hungry. The employees enjoy daily catered lunches and salad bars; as well as artisan coffee, tea, and healthy snacks that keep them fueled throughout the workday. “If you’re working late, your dinner is on us,” claims MacInnis. Inkling is headquartered in the vibrant Financial District of downtown San Francisco and has a spacious, comfortable office with both quiet and activity areas. But that’s not all. Inkling shares a rooftop garden with views of the Bay for those sunny (or foggy) San Francisco days!

The employees at Inkling have a lot of flexibility in their schedules. The company understands that everyone has different schedules and commitments both in and outside the office. Inkling allows employees to get their work done with flexible working and PTO schedules. It also provides the option to work-from-home. This further allows employees to spend time with their family as well. Inkling even supports families with leading parental leave policies and partnerships with organizations like LUCY and UrbanSitter.

Inkling believes that healthiness equals happiness. Hence, top-of-the-line medical, dental, and vision plans; a monthly wellness stipend; weekly mindfulness sessions; secure bike storage for those who cycle to work; and more are some of the beneficial perks of working at Inkling. Additionally, Space Guild, Cycling, and Inkling Book Club are other diverse interests that are embraced here to create a positive environment where everyone can be involved.

Upholding Values 

With all the perks involved in working at Inkling, the company ensures that it takes initiatives and follows through on commitments. With every decision taken by the company, it understands the role in every outcome. “We listen to one another. We seek to understand one another before we seek to be understood. We ask questions before we reach conclusions,” adds MacInnis. “We seek continuous improvement to our products, our processes and ourselves. We promote continuous learning and creativity.”

The employees at Inkling truly understand the needs and pains of its customers. Inkling is customer obsessed and is solely committed to customer’s success. While the customer is the sole agenda, Inkling also concentrates on the speed of the work done. Without compromising beliefs, Inkling speeds up on the work process. “We do unto one another, and our customers, as we would want to be done to us. We can sleep at night with our decisions,” signs off MacInnis.

Meet the Visionary of Inkling

Matt MacInnis is the Founder and CEO of Inkling. He founded the company with a drive for making the world a smarter place. Today, he’s the visionary for the business while managing the company’s growth and strategy. He holds an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from Harvard University.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the way information flows between employees, partners, and customers.”

“We’re about working smarter.”

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