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Intellinet: Defining your Path for Business Transformation

Intellinet: Defining your Path for Business Transformation

While there are many consulting companies and consultation services available today, Intellinet comes with a different approach. In 1993, Frank Bell founded Intellinet with the idea that promises kept are the most powerful competitive advantage possible. The company was established to fulfill the goal of servant leadership and live out the core value of service.

For 20 years, Intellinet has provided consulting and software development technology services to many of the most familiar names in the business, as well as earned recognition for helping executives succeed by providing measurable bottom-line results. Intellinet leverages top-tier talent and proven methodologies to deliver clear strategies, industry-aligned solutions and breakthrough digital experiences that advance its clients’ goals.

“We are a purpose-driven company that believes we can make an impact through transforming our client’s businesses, enriching our employee’s lives, and materially giving back to our communities,” says the CEO of Intellinet, Mark Seeley. “Our key objective is to never lose sight of yours.” 

Since its establishment, Intellinet has delivered a breadth and depth of expertise found at few other professional services companies. It comes from Big Four consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, and venture-backed start-ups. The company has been in the C-suite, and has owned its own businesses. Intellinet understands what it takes to run a successful business, division, department, and team. 

The Chemistry behind Intellinet

The right combination of elements produces something powerful. There is chemistry behind Intellinet and that is what defines the company. This is a combination of talented people linked together with individual minds and creative knowledge, insight and expertise. The chemical bonds here are stable and results are predictable and reliable.

  • Leadership: Leaders who guide the clients and colleagues to reach their fullest potential
  • Accountability: Owning commitments and exceeding expectations
  • Passion: Accomplishing extraordinary results through determination
  • Integrity: Holding on to the highest standards and keeping promises
  • Service: Supporting the community to leave a lasting legacy

The Leading Force

The fascinating feature of Intellinet is its leadership team. “We challenge our teams and clients alike to lead boldly, and innovate so that they realize the full business value of today’s technologies,” explains Mark. As a purpose-driven company with a deep commitment to value creation, the leadership team at Intellinet inspires its teams to materially impact the clients and communities. “We strive to raise the bar for giving back, and ask others to re-imagine what is possible with conscious capitalism,” he adds.

Mark believes that the entire leadership team must earn the trust every day and he strongly gives importance to honesty and high integrity in all business practices. “After all, when we win your business, we have merely won the right to demonstrate that we can do what we said we’d do.”

The Net that Transformed a Community 

In May of 2016, Intellinet launched its partnership with New Story to transform the lives of hundreds of families in the slum village of Minoterie, Haiti by building a sustainable, hope-giving community starting with the construction of 115 houses in honor of its 115 employees.

In October 2016, the first batch of homes in “The Net” was dedicated and the lives of 36 families were forever changed as they moved into safe and sturdy homes.  On the day following The Net’s dedication ceremony, the Category 5 Hurricane Matthew struck the coast of Haiti.  Winds were high in Minoterie at the site of the Net.

“We were thrilled to learn that all roofs in the new community stayed on, all the buildings remained fully intact, and all families were kept safe, including the many other villagers who came into these homes to weather the storm,” proudly notes Mark.

Intellinet is helping New Story forge the strategic elements of the Architect program which delivers repeatable, community transformation all over the globe. The company is thrilled that its initial investment of 115 homes in Minoterie has since spurred others to give generously, leading to over 1,150 new homes built and over 6,000 new jobs created in Haiti, El Salvador, and beyond. Mark believes that it’s his goal to make an impact beyond this one community and inspiring other organizations both big and small, to reimagine ways in which they too can materially give back. 

Meet the Pioneer of Intellinet

Mark Seeley has over 20 years of experience as a strategic business executive and entrepreneur. Having founded and co-founded five companies across varying industries - including software, e-commerce, logistics, and real estate – Mark’s passion is helping companies succeed by maximizing the business value of IT. As CEO of Intellinet, he is responsible for establishing the company’s vision, strategy and objectives, as well as serving as an executive strategist for creating innovative client solutions.

Prior to joining Intellinet, Mark served as a senior management and process consultant at Andersen Consulting where he specialized in business process optimization and data integration solutions. Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He serves on the board of New Story as the lead of its Architect Program.  Mark is also a board member of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association (GCLA) and a member of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), The MIT Enterprise Forum, and High Tech Ministries. He resides in Marietta, GA with his wife and three children.

“We are a purpose-driven company that believes we can make an impact through transforming our client’s businesses, enriching our employee’s lives, and materially giving back to our communities.”

“Our success is driven by keeping our promises and building long-term relationships.”

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