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KMC Controls: The Most Modern way to Integrate all the Pieces of your Building Equipment into one Visual Operations Goal

KMC Controls: The Most Modern way to Integrate all the Pieces of your Building Equipment into one Visual Operations Goal

In the commercial world of today, there are many small and big things jointly working together to ensure that commercial businesses run smoothly. Having a great indoor environment is extremely important for businesses as the employees and occupants benefit with well-being and comfort. Commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system controls are an integral and vital part of businesses running smoothly.

These system controls have been known by various names, such as energy management systems or building automation. Whatever name it is referred to, system controls imply total integration of all system components, and in turn, have a control over it. This is where KMC Controls has been a pioneer for nearly half a century. With a passion for providing the right solutions, KMC Controls has been building automation solutions for system integrators, system distributors, and OEM partners.

A Rich History

The company was founded in 1969 by Ken Kreuter. And now, for nearly 50 years, it has helped facilities achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality by automating and controlling building systems. It runs with an aim to provide innovative, easy-to-use automation and technology solutions. “We will be known for our customer focus, creativity, and dedicated, passionate employees,” notes the CEO of KMC Controls, Richard Newberry.

KMC Control’s initial specialization was in pneumatic HVAC. Over time, the company became an industry visionary – looking for voids and developing and building on new technologies to fill these needs. Ever since its establishment, KMC has been expanding its services with the addition of digital controls in the 1980s and configuration software in 1990s.
It is always difficult to start a new venture, but it is even harder to maintain it. “You can make a splash with a flashy new product. But beyond that you must work to build the relationship with the client,” says the CEO. The reason for KMC Control’s consistent growth is strong corporate leadership support and a stronger CEO’s vision. Apart from this, there’s a history of a commitment to open solutions and a fierce customer commitment that has ensured that the company continues growing.

Redefining Automation Building

As a company that builds automation, KMC has immense offerings to the environment and the global society at large. For instance, its prized IoT and Automation platform, KMC Commander, began as a vision to unite building systems across networks, protocols, and locations in a single, web-based mobile platform. Committed to making the solution truly open, affordably scalable, and as secure as possible, KMC set out with tech leaders Intel and Dell to promote IoT and prove that collaboration is the only way to be successful when approaching this new connected concept.

After advising Dell on what to include in an IoT gateway, and with Intel inside, the 5000 and 3000 series Edge Gateways were born. All the while, KMC developed the cloud platform that would drive the solution and finally make IoT a real possibility. “IoT promises a lot, but to capitalize on it, you need a platform that’s truly open and easily scalable, while meeting the security needs of modern technology. KMC Commander is that platform. It’s affordable for simple installations and effortlessly scales to meet the growing demands of your business,” elaborates Newberry.

KMC Controls is fiercely dedicated to its customers and clients and is always looking at their needs and releasing new products, or updating old ones. For instance, it doesn’t believe that KMC Commander will ever be a complete solution. This means that it will always be improving and always adding features.

“Another example of this continuous innovation and customer awareness, we’ve recently released the KMD Translator, a device that translates our pre-BACnet proprietary protocol, KMDigital, into BACnet,” explains Newberry. This was created based on customer demand and they now can bring their KMDigital devices up to date, even allowing them to join the IoT with the addition of KMC Commander. This allows the clients benefits, without replacing their entire system. Currently, KMC is working on IoT micro-services for the energy and educational markets.

A Brighter Future

In a couple of years, KMC is expecting to see great amounts of growth in a number of channels. Its current and more familiar channel has been the OT channel of Systems Integrators and OEM customers, focused primarily on HVAC solutions. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with what the future holds for KMC, and we’re excited to experience all of this growth with customers and partners alike,” notes the CEO. Under his leadership, KMC Controls continues this spirit of innovation and market awareness with KMC Commander, the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution for building automation.

Meet the Genius of KMC Controls

Richard Newberry is the CEO and Strategic Advisor to the Board of Directors of KMC Controls. He is a leader in energy management, IoT, and building automation solutions. Newberry, formerly President at KMC, has led corporate development, new product innovation, and competitive strategy for the company since 2014. With more than 30 years of executive and general management experience in energy, oil and gas, technology manufacturing, and building automation segments, Newberry applies a total solution view to guiding innovation and forging strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology firms. He currently leads KMC’s collaboration with Silicon Valley tech giants developing a revolutionary solution for connecting building automation systems to the Internet of Things. Newberry holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Accounting from the University of Indianapolis and a Master’s degree in Business from DePaul University.

 “KMC Controls is dedicated to our clients. We listen to their needs, offer them assistance and training, and work with them to make sure our products are the solutions they are looking for.”

“The KMC Controls crew is integral to the client relationship building and high-quality products.”

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