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MarketOne is a global demand generation agency

MarketOne is a global demand generation agency

MarketOne aims to reach globally and it delivers the best sales results. Its goal is to be first of its kind and be the best partner for its clients when in need. Sectors like technology, advanced manufacturing, business information and financial services where multiple decision makers purchase complex products over a long buying cycle, often through a multi-tier channel.

You may have a better product. You may have a lemon. MarketOne’s job is to make the experience of discovering, researching, and evaluating your company a powerful differentiator in itself. The firm gathers buyer insight and create content that is provocative, helpful and interesting. It design and build digital communications and experiences that convert. MarketOne strikes the perfect balance between scheduled and triggered communications, so you work your database as hard as possible while responding immediately to the signals that indicate a buyer is ready to engage.

Because MarketOne team understands the underlying technology and data, it knows where it is best to start, and when to stop. No over-promising, no disconnects, no running before you’re walking. The company ensures that the foundations are in place to create digital programs that are fully integrated and measurable. Data clean and complete, tracking and source codes in place, and reports configured.

Then the firm applies a killer combination of insight and automation to trigger emails and remarketing campaigns, personalize the web experience and push live chat sessions at the right time to the right person.

“We create and nurture leads, retain and grow customers, and give clients the confidence their marketing investments will produce quantifiable returns.”

MarketOne capabilities

Most clients are seeking an outcome which is why they combine the firm’s capabilities to meet their business needs, whether that’s acquiring more leads, onboarding new customers, or ensuring every seat at an event is filled.

Knowing they have a single partner who can help with everything from business strategy to technical implementation, digital production to making the calls, gives them confidence everything will work together.

The vertical integration of the company’s capabilities brings a level of cohesion and visibility that is impossible with separate suppliers. It removes duplication and doubt and bring the certainty of reliable metrics and predictable results.

By all means explore MarketOne’s capabilities individually. Several clients begin working with them in just one discipline or region, knowing they always have the option to integrate additional skills and markets as required.

Whichever and wherever you choose to work with MarketOne, you get the ease and simplicity of a single point of contact and the reassurance of a consistent global approach.

Challenges that MarketOne helps its customers with

  1. The relationship with IT can be testy. The organization helps clarify requirements and soothe IT anxieties, because it understands the thorny problem of working with sensitive data and are ISO-certified to deal with it. They also work alongside IT Integrating tracking scripts and existing forms, and building new forms when required.
  2. The biggest barrier to the success of your platform is the data that drives it. MarketOne helps you understand what you have and how it can be augmented, enriched and normalized, in order to drive more effective segmentation and targeting.
  3. Whether you have a single CRM or multiple systems, you need a standardized data model to enable effective integration. Do you need one-way or two-way sync? How do you define the gold standard of data? Is there a risk of marketing data polluting CRM? MarketOne is here to answer the questions, ensuring CRM and marketing automation complement instead of confusing each other.
  4. Where do you start? You want quick wins, but you know it’s a long-term investment. The firm helps you decide how to get the project moving, leveraging existing work where appropriate, and deploying new features and functionality at the first suitable opportunity – as opposed to the first week.
  5. Most clients start with the ambition of being taught how to fish. The company thinks it also makes sense to stay on the riverbank for a while with you to land the big ones. It combines hands-on training and remote training to bring your people up to speed, but they are also there to provide ‘burst’ capacity when you need it.

An overview of the luminary: Fred Ewald, Founder and CEO

Fred founded MarketOne in 1998 in Waltham, Massachussets. Over the following 18 years he has steered the international expansion of the company, applying his expertise in business operations, finance and IT. Prior professional experience includes a role as VP of Operations at Impole Corp. and positions at Arthur Andersen and Siemens Nixdorf.

“We excel in sectors where multiple decision makers evaluate complex products over a long buying cycle.”

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