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One Paper Lane (OPL) is an intelligent workflow automation and digital collaboration platform.

One Paper Lane (OPL) is an intelligent workflow automation and digital collaboration platform.

Technology has created a great impact on our lives, which simply cannot be ignored. The 21st century is called the era of science and technology, and we have advanced so much in this field, in just 18 years. This seems unbelievable but yet it has happened.

Modern world is unimaginable without things such as electricity, computers, vehicles, and much more. There have been many monumental discoveries in the past that has changed the landscape of our society forever. From the wrist watch one wears to the cars we drive, every single thing is digitized.

One Paper Lane (OPL) was incepted in the year 2015 to understand the hardships of firms with too many disparate systems and manual paper based business processes which hinder work. One Paper Lane empowers your company by providing productivity enhancement, performance improvement, larger revenue, digitalized customer experience and increased compliance.

The enterprise’s vision was to build a technology product using disruptive, data driven workflow intelligent automation technology to boost productivity by eliminating the complex, tedious and manual processes in a business.

One Paper Lane team says, “We are vertical and industry agnostic allowing customers to digitalize any process with our proprietary workflow automation algorithm. As a SaaS platform, we offer a global product with customers across 5 countries and growing.”

The enterprise’s product, One Paper Lane is easily adoptable; it is a NO code all in one SaaS productivity platform. Its cloud product empowers digital workflow automation, real time collaboration and data driven intelligence and analytics to automate business processes.

The firm’s aim is to provide a simple and persuasive platform to work on the adversities of its customers resulting in real time operational efficiencies so companies can thrive in a digital first economy.

The organization is inventive in approach and it very often makes innovation on feature and process automation based on customers feedback and market trends. Gaurav Mirchandani said, “We are always innovating. Our innovation center is focused on delivering our impactful SaaS platform to address the latest trends in cutting edge software.”When asked about the assets of the company, Gaurav Mirchandani, CEO listed some:

  • Plug and Play Setup; NO CODE platform, NO IT involvement required; cloud based with rapid deployment and very minimal change management
  • Predictive Engine for AI and MLL
  • Rules based intelligent work streams
  • Intuitive Interface
  • All our employee come from client service and understand Customer Experience is #1 Priority

Gaurav Mirchandani said, the reason behind their consistent growth is Innovation, flexibility as a platform, no IT/coding requirements or investment from the customer and the best possible customer experience have allowed them to grow. Also, the company invests on its people and allows them to become leaders’ responsibility for deployment of a high quality product.

Currently, the company is comprised of 30 development teams, research team, data analysts, R&D, technology and cloud infrastructure, and sales.

For Gaurav Mirchandani, it’s the passion to see companies be super successful and scale rapidly. He says that in today’s digital economy, businesses globally need to adopt simple technology to increase efficiencies and drive value. “I enjoy analyzing a business and delving value through intelligent automation; call it the new form of consulting or IA enabled-consulting.”

Gaurav Mirchandani visualizes his company to be the largest tech enabled product firm focused on no-code digital transformation. Today, Clients are seeking platforms that offer rapid deployment with measurable ROI combining data and analytics. The company is seeing very successful use cases and ROI among multiple industry verticals across its clients. Today its platform is being used by customers in USA, UK, Canada, India, UAE, and Singapore. It wants to expand to more markets where it can make a significant impact digitally. Furthermore, OPL will make 2019 the focus of partnerships, alliances, and platform distribution opportunities.

“OPL platform enables businesses to improve productivity all the way through the front, middle and back office resulting in real time efficiencies."

“Businesses are constantly looking to enhance the customer experience and lower  operating costs. OPL enables businesses to quickly optimize processes and harness the power of digital automation.”

“We enable businesses to re-imagine processes, collaborate seamlessly and enhance customer experience and productivity.”

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