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Our platform provides the analytic flexibility that business analysts, data scientists, and IT need: Alteryx

Our platform provides the analytic flexibility that business analysts, data scientists, and IT need: Alteryx

Now data’s availability is vast and organizations almost every day are concentrating on the competitive advantage. When data is broadly available, there increased new methods for deriving beneficial information and knowledge of data.

Data science is a new paradigm to manage more data accumulation. Today, it applies to almost every field in the world for different aspects. Specifically in security, health care, business, agriculture, transport, education, prediction, telecommunication, etc. Each area will also reap a different amount of return on their data science investment. This review aims to provide an overview of data science and mainly how some of these fields are presently using data science and how they could leverage it in their favor in the future.

We introduce you to Alteryx that offers an end-to-end analytics platform, which empowers data analysts and scientists alike to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. Organizations across the globe depend on Alteryx daily to deliver actionable insights.

Solutions catered:

Enhance operational efficiency to reach great heights

The Financial Services Industry has changed in fast pace. Financial troubles were high due to high capital necessities, tighter regulatory oversight and many others. Hence, it was difficult to recover from this situation.

Alteryx helps financial services institutions understand via fast data preparation and blending, easier to use analytics and simple ways to share analytics with decision makers. The company helps in bringing data— structured and unstructured in one unified picture.


For decades the healthcare industry has undergone many changes. Some factors have contributed highly in advancing the speed of change, which also includes government initiatives to elevate access to care, value-based payment models, greater consumer involvement in healthcare purchase decisions and digitization of healthcare information.

Alteryx makes a point to better the speed of decision making by aiding data analysts and line-of-business users be able to prepare, blend, and analyze data by themselves without writing any code and delay or dependence on IT.

You can get everything right when you rely on Alteryx:

  • Get a unified view of patients by connecting to, cleansing, and joining all relevant data — clinical, insurance, demographic, and more — regardless of system or format
  • Increase access to care by analyzing local healthcare service needs and existing infrastructure availability based on location and patient data
  • Enhance quality of care and patient outcomes by reporting & sharing relevant patient history and care data among all healthcare providers
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with on-time reporting by significantly reducing the time required to prep and blend data from all sources

Healthcare insurers/payors

You can get a full view of your insurance clients by accessing and combining business, clinical and operational data; advance operations and client services like call center support on the basis of resource utilization and member choices; trace and monitor client insurance costs across states. 

Healthcare providers

Get a complete view of patient health history by accessing and blending all relevant clinical data, from your internal systems and those of partners; optimize quality and range of healthcare service offerings based on local population needs; forecast future workforce requirements by analyzing utilization patterns by facility & time of the year; evaluate partners (such as pharmacies, physicians, imaging services providers) performance based on quality and cost of service; and assess financial and operational risks of regulation changes, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Why choose Alteryx?

-With the help of Alteryx things get easy, you can now automate manual data into repeatable analytic workflows.

-Alteryx will give you the liberty to set up and manage analytic models.

-It helps you in scaling analytics for your organization, provides security, collaboration, and governance.

Want something good to happen? Alteryx is your best option…

Global schools:

Schools are benefited from Alteryx. Now data from cloud apps, public data sets, spreadsheets and other sources can be cleansed and connected. Alteryx platform is used by students and educators at the universities and many academic institutions worldwide- Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan, Harvard, Texas A&M, University of Sydney etcetera.

How can Nonprofit get what they want from Alteryx?

Dial up your donor outreach using data science and analytics

Deploy powerful analytics around prospective donor demographics like financial or geographic segmentation, forecasting fundraising outcomes with predictive analytics, plus modeling and optimization. You can even join your internal data with public data sets like US Census data, to up your donor demographics game.

 Unlock more value from existing donors and members

Analyze membership engagement, renewals, and even identify opportunities and patterns for effective membership product cross-sell, like shifting from one-time gift to recurring donation, or where and who to target for corporate or service-based programs.


600 gathered to reward Orange County financial executives at the Business Journal’s 11th annual CFO of the Year Awards.

5 honorees were picked from 36 nominees and Alteryx is one of them. Kevin Rubin of Irvine-based Alteryx Inc. for public companies was awarded.

Man behind Alteryx success

Dean Stoecker, Chairman and CEO

Dean's leadership and his ability to create, communicate, and realize a vision are a driving force behind giving back the thrill of solving to analysts and data scientists across the globe.

“Alteryx is revolutionizing business through data science and analytics and we empower everyone in an organization to experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster.”

“We have earned the trust of thousands of customers around the world, ranging from many of the world's largest and best-known brands, including Audi, Experian, Ford, McDonald's, Unilever, and Vodafone, who all want to use the power of data analytics for a competitive edge.”

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