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Outcome Health: High-quality content to make every healthcare more engaging and meaningful

Outcome Health: High-quality content to make every healthcare more engaging and meaningful

We’ve all been to hospitals or healthcare centers. Whatever the reason for the visit, being at a medical center can oft times be discomforting and sometimes boring, while you wait. So what do you do? Staring at blank walls or flipping through magazines is valid options. But what if we told you that the blank walls needn’t be so blank? You could have a waiting room TVs and wall poster with meaningful content that’s interesting and keeps you engaged while you wait.

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Rolling out these innovative solutions for healthcare centers is Outcome Health. The technology platform from Outcome Health is present “at every touchpoint of the point of care experience.” It’s very important to show relevant content for patients and their loved ones. And this is exactly what Outcome Health delivers to not just patients and their caregivers, but also to healthcare professionals.

“Empathetic Content- when it’s most needed”

One of the best solutions that Outcome Health delivers is content- content that not just informs and entertains, but also inspires and renews the reader. Outcome Health states: “Our content ecosystem educates, empowers, puts patients and caregivers in the right mindset and lifts their spirits – when it matters most.”

The above statement is true in every sense with Outcome Health. Within the content ecosystem here at the company, there are eight tenets that are religiously followed and upheld. They are:

  • Condition specific
  • Healthy living
  • Provider personalized
  • Patient power
  • Mindfulness
  • Soulful soar
  • Optimistic outcome
  • Sponsored content

The company’s in-house creative studio is prepped with inquisitive people like artists, storytellers, innovators, strategists, etc. When it comes to health and wellness, all of them are passionate and dedicated. As partners for content creation, Outcome Health teams up with leading content creators, nonprofit organizations, and health advocacy groups. The American Lung Association, Fatherly, ad Council, etc. are partners with Outcome Health.

“Integrity is the foundation of our business”

Outcome Health takes the integrity of its business products very seriously. This comes in direct relation to the special commitments that Outcome Health makes to its people, partners, and the integrity of the products. The company states that Outcome Health isn’t here to ‘fix’ healthcare. However, the entire platform is designed and developed keeping the user in mind. Outcome Health understands how a patient or a caregiver feels- “because we’ve all been there, whether as patients ourselves or supporting a loved one,” explains the company. Providing a patient-centric approach to the point-of-care experience is of utmost importance to the company.

Here are the products delivered by Outcome Health:

  • Waiting room TV

Patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals spend time in the waiting room. Outcome Health delivers powerful curated video content. Right from the moment a patient and their caregiver enters your healthcare facility, you can keep them engaged with these videos.

The content can be diverse and also specific. For instance, if you’re waiting with your child, Outcome Health will display video content that’s related to pediatrics. On a wider-general note, videos about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise are displayed to empower the viewer. You can also promote your own services or announce the various practices you offer to bring about a better connection for your patient.

  • Patient Wi-Fi

Did you know that people touch their phones 2617 times in a day? With the patient Wi-Fi product, you can turn your practice into an integrated experience. Modern Wi-Fi from Outcome Health plays a pivotal role in keeping patients entertained while they wait at healthcare centers for their turn. Plus, the Wi-Fi is what joins people with relevant health information within the center. You can also send your patients messages and guide them throughout their healthcare journey. Patient Wi-Fi also provides an entertainment resource in the waiting room, helping to boost patient satisfaction, at the same time Outcome Health assures the Wi-Fi network is always safe and secure as it’s restricted to family-friendly sites.

  • Waiting room Poster

Outcome Health provides a fresh approach to print editorials with its waiting room posters. While there are TVs too, you can’t put up a screen at every room! This is Outcome Health’s answer to engage people beyond technology. The waiting room Poster product is a special piece that’s uniquely created by content experts that’s targeted specifically for your patients.

The poster is a source of details and information for patients. While a poster is static, its advantage lies in being static! This is because it can provide more in-depth information about conditions and treatment. Patients can read and digest the content at their own pace, which could be a little difficult on a screen that has moving content.

  • Exam room wallboard

Next, we have the exam room wallboard from Outcome Health. Why- because your patients deserve more than just paper sketches. With the wallboard from Outcome Health, you’re assured of more meaningful discussions. You can use the wallboard to depict potential treatments and share resources from Outcome Health’s partners. This will further help the patients to adhere to their treatment plans. The wallboard helps in better communication as you’re sharing content with patients and their caregivers, even before the actual consultation begins. This way, you can spend a lot more time answering their queries and questions. It’s advantageous because you can zoom and rotate it 360 degrees and further annotate and sketch on-screen. The process of showing the affected areas and explaining the procedure is simplified. Now, can you do that with your paper sketches?

  • Exam room tablet

While the internet is certainly a boon for all of us, there are times when you simply can’t find the exact information you need. With the exam room tablets from Outcome Health, your patients can access conditioned information, lifestyle tips, and also practice the resources before the actual consultation. The tablet gives more power to the patient with resources about managing side-effects, workout tips, recipes, etc.

Plus, you can also put patients at ease by creating an in-depth creative content about the resources about your specialty, explaining conditions, procedures, and treatments you offer. You could also build a community with your practice and your patients by creating an easy access to your portal. Surveys about service satisfaction, links to websites and health info, and other customized content can also be created. All possible with the tablet!

  • Infusion room tablet

The infusion room tablet is here to personalize the infusion experience. An infusion treatment can take 3 hours. Here, you can provide patients with inspiration, information, and entertainment- while they face head-on with one of the most difficult times of their lives. The infusion room tablet creates a more comfortable experience for patients while empowering them to manage their treatment options. The best part is that the new and sleek design of the tablets fit perfectly in your office environment.

 “We all have connections to healthcare”

There’s a unique background behind every solution that’s delivered by Outcome Health. But more importantly, it’s the employee dedication and innovativeness that’s led the company to grow to new heights. In fact, it’s apt to say that the employees of Outcome Health have the power- in every sense- to transform the point of care experience, for everyone including patients, caregivers, and people of Outcome Health.

During establishment, Outcome Health brought out a set of values that are deeply imbibed in the company. Speaking of the values, the company says: “Our values represent who we are, what we believe in and how we approach our work. As our company evolves and grows, we refer to our values to guide our actions and outcomes.” These values are: Assuming positive intent, Owning it always, and believing that we’re Better together.

Apart from the values, the people at Outcome Health believe in another mantra, which is “Activate Good.” It means that the people at Outcome Health Activate the Good, in their own unique roles and spread it in the world around us. In addition to this, everyone here supports each Outcome Activator’s passions to fulfill their role and purpose. The code of conduct laid out by the company is the guide to the culture of compliance. It can be extended and applied to everything that’s done in Outcome Health’s business.

Leading the Innovation

Matt McNally, Chief Executive Officer

Matt McNally brings with him deep industry knowledge and proven record of success to oversee the company’s operational transformation. Matt previously served as Chief Media Officer at Publicis Health and President of Digitas Health North America. In this role, McNally led a team of approximately 700 creative and strategic professionals focused on connecting healthcare brands with relevant patient, caregiver and healthcare professional audiences.

Throughout his career, McNally has guided clients to maximize their impact through periods of rapidly changing audience behavior. He has successfully helped clients shift their approach to media from simply a planning and buying space to a strategic function that leverages new methods of communication and technology. For three years in a row, PharmaVOICE named him to the PharmaVOICE 100, as one of the most influential people in the life sciences industry, and in 2016 he received the Gold Award for MM&M Agency Marketer of the Year.

“Our content ecosystem educates, empowers, puts patients and caregivers in the right mindset and lifts their spirits – when it matters most.”

“As Outcome Health employees, we have the power to truly transform the point of care experience for our loved ones and for ourselves.”

“No journey is more emotional than health.”

“By knitting together our diverse perspectives and strengths, we can build incredible solutions to transform the point of care experience.”

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