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PaymentVision – Seamless industry-leading payment software technology

PaymentVision – Seamless industry-leading payment software technology

As the world is becoming digital, payment services are also catching up. But most of the services are yet to evolve and provide their customers with hassle-free online payment solutions. PaymentVision is an industry-leading financial technology firm that offers a PCI-compliant payment gateway that helps businesses accept electronic payments via their own call center, automated phone systems, web, or integrated software payment API. Its vision is to provide seamless payment solutions to customers. We interviewed Rob Pollin, the CEO, and Founder of PaymentVision, to better understand the services offered by the company. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

What was the motive behind starting PaymentVision?

PaymentVision was founded on the idea of helping businesses improve their technology and streamline their processes, creating efficiency and improving their experience. Over 30 years ago, Autoscribe, the parent company of PaymentVision, started innovating in the financial services industry and has developed new solutions to include a portfolio of 9 patents, allowing our clients to create a better experience and offer a seamless payment technology to their customers.

Innovation is part of our culture and a core component of PaymentVision’s values-based approach. As PaymentVision evaluated the market, it was clear that consumer’s behaviors and expectations were changing. Mobile devices are now being used by over 80% of consumers to conduct financial transactions, doubling over the last three years, according to the CFPB. PaymentVision has evolved into a human-centric design approach that puts the customer at the center of the design and the iterative build-out of payment solutions. Let’s face it; no one likes paying a bill in person. The bill-paying experience must be seamless and reliable so that the consumer can get in, make the payment, and get on with their day. That’s our goal, to put the most seamless, reliable payment experience on the market. It will help clients improve their payment collections and drive greater satisfaction with their customers. Consumer’s desire choice, control, and convenience.

How are corporate billers and financial institutions benefited by your services?

We prepare our clients for the future. When COVID shocked the economy, PaymentVision was ready to provide the full compliment of self-service and digital solutions to keep our clients’ services up and running, providing reliability and consistency through the pandemic response.

Our clients benefit from our 30 years of service to the financial services, debt collection, data processing, and payment processing industry experience. Our clients receive a reliable service with 99.9% uptime or better, robust, and redundant systems. We have developed a team of compliance experts in PCI, Data Security, Collections, and our leadership team has over 100 years of experience across the financial services industry. We provide omnichannel solutions that are configurable to meet clients’ needs. Our solutions provide a seamless payment experience that starts with a customer-centric design process that maximizes adoption and improves business ROI.

Shed light on your sister company Lyon’s Commercial Data.

Lyons Commercial Data is a perfect compliment to our PaymentVision solution. When used together, clients are able to improve the quality of payments through Lyons robust financial data technologies. Lyons is the premier provider of quality U.S. financial institution data, including bank routing numbers and other information critical to transaction processing. Lyons Commercial Data helps processors, financial institutions, and businesses optimize their ACH processes, manage risk, and mitigate fraud by providing quality data via online tools, downloadable databases, and a web services API.

Not only is our financial institution database updated with data from multiple government agencies, but our dedicated content management team evaluates and updates financial institution records on a daily basis. Lyons Commercial Data offers quality data services designed to provide cost-effective and reliable compliance support for ACH and check routing verification, bank account verification, OFAC, Anti-Money Laundering, and Know Your Customer efforts. Data security is assured because Lyons Commercial Data processes are built on a PCI-DSS certified platform.

Tell us about your exceptional customer service. How satisfied are your customers?

PaymentVision has been helping thousands of businesses process more than $2 billion annually. We dedicate a team of professionals to each client from the start, creating consistency and an in-depth understanding of the businesses so we can help them tailor solutions, resolve, and partner on opportunities to help you grow your business. We regularly survey and seek client’s feedback to improve our products and services. Customer service is consistently rated at the highest level, and we recognize our commitment and dedication to our clients serves as a differentiation for our clients. While our technology is phenomenal, our people make the difference!

What are your payment solutions? Explain its uniqueness.

PaymentVision provides a comprehensive omnichannel payment solution. We provide our clients the ability to collect payments across a full suite of channels to include over the phone, interactive voice response (IVR), text (SMS), online, mobile, in person, and a wide variety of payment methods.

At the start of the year, we launched our newest and best payment processing platform, PayWeb360. It is a comprehensive solution that streamlined the customer experience, increased payment capture rate, enhanced mobile functionality, is secure and compliant, and optimized for the customers. We started with the customer and our clients. We interviewed, surveyed, and prototyped solutions with over 1000 different feedback points from customers, which leads to optimized design for the best platform to make a payment. In addition, we developed the solution on the latest technologies with a reactive design and leveraged key design principles for human-to-computer interactions to include progressive disclosure, flat architecture, and modular components, universal branding and elements, mobile-optimized, and utilize smart inputs. PayWeb360 has been a massive success as customers see over a 300% increase in payment completion rates!

Detail us about your industry solutions.

We work with all industries and have developed extensive relations in collecting, finance, banking, retail, government services, and utilities.

What awards have you received for your achievements?

We have earned multiple awards for our expertise, exceptional services, and quality of our products to include:

Top 50 Best Companies in 2020 by CEO magazine

  • Top 10 Auto Finance Solution Provide in 2020 by CFO Tech magazine
  • Inc 5000 in 2020
  • 50 Smartest Companies from the Silicon Review

Members of our team have earned recognition for expertise in their area to include a top aware with Women in Power and Law and a Tech Leader of the Year with the Jacksonville Business Journal.

About the CEO

Rob Pollin is the CEO and Founder of PaymetVision. He has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial innovation and executive leadership experience in the fast-paced financial technology services industry. As the founder and leader of Autoscribe Corporation, he directs the company’s acquisitions, integration, product development, and growth efforts for both the PaymentVision and Lyons Commercial Data divisions. Rob has single-handedly founded four companies, including pre-packaged consumer software, enterprise medical software, financial information publishing, and technology-driven payment processing.

“PaymentVision has allowed me to save time on processing reoccurring payments by storing and auto-filling customer information; helping to streamline and cut down on the time I process payments each day,” Elizabeth, Olde City Financial Inc.

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