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September Edition 2021

Pivotal Talent Search – A Disruptive Force in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry

Pivotal Talent Search – A Disruptive Force in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry

It is hard to predict the future but being ready for the challenges waiting ahead in the future gives a competitive advantage and helps a business owner avoid roadblocks. Talent acquisition is among the primary needs for a global organization who doesn’t want to lag behind in the race of growth. To build a successful business you need a combination of different key elements, among which people are one of the most important. Employees are the driving force behind a company’s operations. Hence, finding and retaining the right people is crucial for business success. Although many people still haven't realized how talent acquisition benefits a business, companies are increasingly starting to understand the difference between recruiting and acquiring talent, and recognizing how effective talent acquisition is vital for any business. Having the right talent is vital for the growth of any business (big or small). Without the right set of resources to carry out crucial business functions, no business can expect to achieve upwards growth. With an appropriate talent acquisition strategy, a business can not only prosper in present but also secure its future plans.

Pivotal Talent Search is a full service search firm that provides cutting edge talent acquisition platform. Dedicated, to serving the talent acquisition needs of almost any business, the company has grown to be one of the best full service recruiting agencies in the country. They work with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and fill all levels of positions from entry to C-level. Their business model is unique in the recruiting industry, which allows them to fill positions more quickly, with higher quality candidates and at a significant cost savings to its clients. Also, Pivotal Talent Search recruiters have successfully placed employees in dozens of companies – large and small all around the world. Because of Pivotal’s unique pricing structure, its clients typically save upwards of 30 percent on fees compared to traditional recruiting firms.

Aspects that makes Pivotal Talent Search Exceptional

Pivotal uses a completely unique pricing model in the recruiting world. Most agencies charge a percentage of the salary for the position you’re looking to fill (usually around 20 percent). This means when hiring a position with a $100,000/year salary – you’ll pay $20,000 in recruiting fees. Pivotal charges per hour based on the industry and position to be filled. They work faster (and smarter) to deliver results and you’ll only pay for the time they spend searching on your behalf – no matter how high the salary. This means huge savings for its clients. It also includes a weekly recap of its recruiters’ search activities via email and/or phone.

Pivotal Talent’s CSR Activity

Pivotal Talent Search is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US. The company recognizes the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government agencies today, and they can add diversity to your supply chain.

Pivotal Talent Serves, the new non-profit initiative of Pivotal Talent Search. The company gives back to its community. By combining the strengths of its business with philanthropy, it can make a positive impact on the important work that nonprofit organizations are engaging in each day. Each month, the firm will volunteer time to help a nonprofit organization search for their dream candidate. Also, Pivotal Talent Serves welcomes applications year-round from eligible organizations. An organization will be selected each month to receive assistance with an ongoing candidate search.

Leadership | Pivotal Talent Search

Debby Mandeville Jackson is the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Pivotal Talent Search. Debby’s vision is a revolutionary hiring method that offers an innovative and cost-saving approach to their clients. Debby has 25+ years of senior leadership experience directing talent acquisition teams for well-known companies.

Bill is the Chief Operating Officer of Pivotal Talent Search. He is a former Air Force pilot with extensive experience in both management and consulting.

Debby and Bill together lead a Dream Team of experienced and highly successful recruiting professionals. The fusion of their experience and passion, along with the hard work of the entire Dream Team, has made Pivotal one of the best recruiting companies.

“Pivotal Talent Search is the recruitment experience you deserve at a price you’d never expect. We’ll use our 25+ years of experience to source the perfect talent for your business – no matter what.”

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