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October Edition 2020

OpGo Marketing: Plan, Measure and Optimize

OpGo Marketing: Plan, Measure and Optimize

There are multiple channels where brands take their marketing. But not knowing which channels to pursue can be a costly proposition. OpGo Marketing brings clarity to your investments by proving the value of the marketing channels. The company provides a marketing strategy and takes a goals-oriented approach to monitor ROI.

Established in 2015 by a marketing pioneer Tiffanie Honeyman, OpGo Marketing is giving businesses access to marketing innovations through its expertise. The distinguishing part of their service is the dedicated CMO-level marketing expertise that comes at a fraction of the cost. It equips businesses with true marketing channel performance, marketing intelligence, and the power to make marketing decisions with confidence. This ensures that their clients have an efficient marketing plan that does not cause overhead costs due to investments in meaningless channels or other enticing marketing options.  

OpGo Marketing is an ideal partner for small or medium-sized businesses who seek insight, transparency, and control over their marketing budget. The company places special emphasis on delivering marketing analysis, real-time dashboards, and marketing plans for an appropriate budget cost.

Based in Fargo, North Dakota, OpGo has been the name behind the marketing success stories of Appareo, North Dakota Crop Improvement & Seed Association, IntelligentAg, Bell Bank, Eagle Mouldings, Minnkota Windows, EPIC Companies, and more. The company provides services including digital marketing, branding and identification, marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), executive dashboards, social media, web design, and much more.

OpGo for Marketing

With over a 5,000 marketing technology solutions, knowing what channels to invest in and which ones not to pursue requires comprehensive and time-consuming research. OpGo’s team has the necessary knowledge and the tools to help businesses make marketing decisions with confidence.

“OpGo has been an integral part the overall marketing campaign for ISO Finishing. Tiffanie and her team ask the right questions to really understand our business and develop strategies to make the best use of our existing collateral and to identify new market segments to pursue,” says Mike K from ISO Finishing, Inc. OpGo Marketing utilized multiple market channels and consolidates it all into a single spot for a centralized study of all information. This helped ISO Finishing make informed business decisions. “OpGo has the tools and people needed to make sure our message is on target and is delivered in the most efficient way possible. We are able to pass along potential new marketing ideas and the OpGo team will does the research and comes back with findings and suggestions,” he adds.

OpGo partners with Google and Facebook to run multi-network programmatic campaigns on several other channels. The company helps to find the right audience and assures positive results. It runs search (text) campaigns, display, and video. Its target audience strategy is interest-based, contextual, lookalike, geo-fenced, connected TV & OTT, retargeting, or first-party customer-based. OpGo’s strategies are built after a comprehensive study of client goals, competition, and budget. 

With a collective marketing expertise of over 20 years, OpGo Marketing is a great option for startups that cannot afford to change its brand two years after establishing a business. OpGo is known to build a brand based on the core passion of the startups and small businesses. It is helping businesses stand out and define their brand to drive success stories.

The Marketing Specialist

Tiffanie Honeyman, Founder and CEO

She has over a decade worth of experience in marketing. To solve budget efficiency and MROI issues of businesses, she started OpGo in 2015. She is a Google Analytics and Inbound certified marketing innovator.

She has a BS in Business Administration/Marketing from University of Phoenix.

Clients Speak

“Tiffanie & the team at OpGo Marketing have been an invaluable resource for upping our game on the digital media side of our marketing activities. She helps us understand the analytics behind what is happening on our website and social media to determine how web users are finding us, what actions they take when they do and how to influence the traffic. She has also been helpful in using the info in developing our overall marketing strategies.” – Roxi P, Dakota Business Lending

“OpGo has been fundamental in the organization and function of our marketing/advertising strategies for our company. From conference calls to back and forth emails, they are easy to get in contact with and they are also very patient and descriptive when discussing strategies. They have been a key element in understanding and assisting in our companies marketing successes and we are grateful for their service.” – Chandler P, Sport Court Midwest

“OpGo integrates with your team to help you get more sales with less marketing dollars. We audit, plan, measure, and optimize year-round.”

“Our contracts are month-to-month and customized to fit your budget and the level of support you need.”

“We track everything. Convert your marketing budget from an expense into an investment.”

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