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PPM and ITBM Leadership: Rego Consulting

PPM and ITBM Leadership: Rego Consulting

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) help organizations stay focused, meet deadlines, and maximize profitability.

We recently spoke with Rego Consulting, one of the largest PPM and ITBM consulting firms in the world. They’ve implemented solutions for 35% of the Fortune 100 and 50% of the Fortune 20.

Launched in 2007, Rego has trained over 300,000 users in PPM and ITBM, which includes IT Financial Management (ITFM), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Agile Project Management, and Software Asset Management (SAM).

“Our success and growth is really due to our ability to fill a gap,” said Josh Leone, Rego’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “Standing up a fully functional PPM or ITBM environment used to be daunting and expensive. It still is. Rego figured out how to help clients get more value from their investments by making it easier and less expensive to implement a full solution.”

Widely known for their focus on end user engagement and change management during deployments, upgrades, and migrations—Rego also offers clients remedies like pre-built base kits (PPMExpress), a solutions library (the RegoXchange), and access to ongoing development.

“PPM solutions are really good at getting data in, but they’re not great at getting data back out in a meaningful fashion,” said Josh Leone. “They often eat like an elephant and poop like a mouse. We try to solve some of that with innovative reporting and BI solutions.”

Rego’s guides, or expert-practitioners, have worked on the ground in IT leadership as PMO leaders, portfolio managers, resource managers, financial managers, and lead architects. They leverage their knowledge of industry best practice to advise clients rather than just gather requirements and develop.

“We also partner with thought leaders in the development space,” said Josh Leone. “We have a wonderful partnership with itDesign in Germany. I often refer to them as Rego’s sister’s company. We’re closely tied in philosophy and quality, and we’re collaborating on several innovative solutions that push product limits.”

Rego and itDesign’s most exciting collaboration is a multi-dimensional, Visual Taskboard, which will give customers even more flexibility to manage and track their work.

“We go into every engagement with three goals,” said Josh Leone. “We help clients improve the maturity of PPM and ITBM. We minimize implementation and support costs, and we optimize end-user adoption.”

Rego’s customer retention holds at 98%, so it’s easy to see why they’re known as the de facto leader in PPM and ITBM consulting.

A quick scan of confirms Rego’s commitment to knowledge-sharing. In the last several months alone, they’ve provided dozens of free webinars, white papers, and courses.

“Our clients trust us because we’ve walked in their shoes,” said Josh Leone. “We’re responsive to their needs. Our RegoXchange library has over 600 best practice artifacts, reports, portlets, training documents, videos, workflows, and technical tricks. Subscribers are part of a thriving community and can upload and share custom solutions. We also hold RegoUniversity annually, which is the world’s largest PPM and ITBM learning and networking event.”

Rego relentlessly pioneers configuration, performance, reliability, and support breakthroughs. The result? A drastic reduction in the overall cost and time it takes to deploy PPM and ITBM.  

Recent Rego innovations include:

  • The ServiceNow Connect for Microsoft Project Professional (MSP)
  • The CA PPM Action Item Email Responder (AIR)
  • Pre-Built Base Kits for PPM Over 100 pre-built integrations for HR, Agile, ERP/Financial Systems, Vendor Management, Time Management, Schedulers, Data Migrations, and Portfolios
  • Innovative help for companies moving to an Agile or hybrid workspace
  • Business Intelligence and RMO solutions

“I’m not going to pretend our innovation team has all the answers, but we grow together,” said Josh Leone. “We fail together and win together and move on. We have a lot of flexibility to innovate and make it right. When we make a hit, it hits really well.”

Rego Consulting has performed hundreds of successful PPM and ITBM implementations across every industry. With over 150 experts guides, Rego leads the way in helping organizations achieve a higher return on their software investment.

Hello Leaders!

Dan Greer is the President and Founder of Rego Consulting. For over twenty years Dan has led hundreds of tool deployments. As a thought leader in IT governance, process, configuration, and innovation, Dan has taken Rego from seven employees to more than 150 PPM and ITBM consultant-practitioners, who have helped to guide over 600 companies.

Josh Leone is the CTO of Rego Consulting. As such, he’s responsible for all software engineering and technical innovation. Josh and his team are regarded as some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field. Prior to joining Rego, Josh held software engineering and technical innovation leadership roles with Clarity/NIKU/ABT and was formerly the Director of Clarity SWAT at Computer Associates.

“We focus on end user engagement and change management during deployments to increase adoption.”

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