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Praesidio Group: Challenging the Status-Quo

Praesidio Group: Challenging the Status-Quo

Security is a commodity nowadays and commodities often lose the underlying values to attract a cheaper crowd. But unlike other industries, this is not an acceptable norm in the field of security because sometimes scenarios can really be life or death.

Praesidio Group emerged to solve client security needs so that they can focus on what they do best with peace of mind. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has global connections and partners, who are experienced and capable of completing any security requirements diligently.

The company has gained vast experience through decades of professional work experience and personal relationships within the U.S. and the U.K. government agencies, U.S. & European Special Operation Forces and Chief Security Officers within blue-chip international corporations.

King-sized clientele

One can learn a lot about the company by learning about their clientele. Praesidio Group´s though highly confidential, it is jaw-dropping. With clients from around the world, including sports, music and film personalities, presidents, royals, wealthy families, and the corporate, public and private sector.

Big data, AI and Cybersecurity

The current major buzzwords in the security industry are big data, analytics, and AI, as they are said to be the future of cybersecurity. But the newer security solutions that are introduced every day are increasingly sophisticated and complex to deter the ever-growing threats of hackers. Therefore, companies must keep up with the battle and stay updated with the on-going adaptation.

Big data has already become a norm and its entities like analytics and cloud are slowly becoming some of the most powerful components in the IT ecosystem. Almost all new architectures now depend on big data and advanced analytics to detect and counter security threats.

Praesidio Group follows a “risk-based” approach with a proactive outlook to adapt to the ever-changing network system. Traditional methods of assessing corporate risks are no longer applicable and the companies are looking for innovative solutions.“Being agile is key to getting the upper hand using cutting-edge technologies.”

Security - A business enabler or a business inhibitor

In any business, innovation is the key for remaining competitive and yet security risks are often viewed as an inhibitor to these efforts. Security threats have increasingly become more advanced and the rise in the scale of cyberattacks is the proof. In order to move ahead, businesses should approach security as a business enabler and embed security into the foundation of a business strategy. Through this approach, businesses will be able to support business agility, facilitate organizational operations and thereby develop customer loyalty.

Security and business are often considered as two separate entities, but it is becoming more and more evident that they should go hand-in-hand for better productivity. This also helps in implementing strong security measures that are vital for seamless business operations.

One-stop solution 

Praesidio Group specializes in a plethora of services like; Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Corporate, and Personal Security, Staff Vetting, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Supply chain security, Counterintelligence, KfR, Residential Security, Cyber Security, Event& Sport Security Coordination.

All the services provided by the company are tailored to suit the specific needs of each client and all the planning and implementation processes are carried out in a way that ensures optimal risk-reduction. Praesidio Group provides a 360o solution in the field of security right from assisting clients with blackmail cases, espionage, vetting of staff and partners, investigations, company due diligence, and business intelligence.

About the AI Wave

The sheer increase in the volume of cyberattacks has led organizations to think about cutting-edge solutions like Artificial Intelligence. AI will certainly have a transformative effect across most technologies and industries and AI is already a part of the cyber defence.

But AI is double-edged as it can be used as both offense and defence, therefore inculcating an amateur AI may prove troublesome. But the combination of human and AI will undoubtedly have a massive impact depending on how successfully AI is implemented.

Contriving cybersecurity in today's business

Security breaches are not limited to just one area of an organization. In most cases, it includes cyber and IT security, and often there’s a physical security breach associated, either an employee who failed to follow the security protocols or corporate espionage. By making cybersecurity a part of the business, it is possible to secure a number of surrounding entities like employees’ products and turnover.

Praesidio Group´s profile

Trustworthy, confidentiality, decency and informed professional know-how are key.

Praesidio Group became the customer’s choice because they live up to the reputation by delivering results and information in a timely, discreet and accurate manner. Professionalism is the key and customers appreciate the company’s effort to understand them in-depth and provide services that they need rather than selling unwanted services as a package. Also, the fact that Praesidio Group is not a big company enhances the trust in clients to freely share their data and give the company access to personalized data.

Road ahead

Innovation is the only way ahead to address the rising risk. Praesidio Group continues to adapt and innovate to best serve its customers by constantly staying updated about the global security landscape and the latest methodologies and preventive methods that are available. Praesidio leads the way within the security industry and in social awareness and CSR activities to further inspire and evolve businesses globally.

Worldwide woman

Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder and CEO of Praesidio Group, is a Global Risk Mitigation & Security Specialist with more than 25 years of experience in extensive risk, security, consulting and management. She is the recipient of various U.S. government awards for her work during her time with the U.S. Department of State – Diplomatic Security. Susanne managed to build a high-level network and a remarkable client base in corporate and public sectors around the world because of her impeccable attitude and work ethic. She is an expert on terrorism and large events security and serves as security advisor on the EU Horizon 2020 project MONICA - sound and security applications - and on the Expert Advisory Committee of the European Forum for Urban Security project PACTESUR.

"We solve our client’s security needs so they can focus on what they do best with peace of mind."

"Praesidio Group values ethics highly. Wherever we operate, we have the deepest respect for the word and spirit of the law, privacy as well as human and intellectual rights."

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