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Ridecell — Leading Fleet IoT Automation platform provider

Ridecell — Leading Fleet IoT Automation platform provider

Today, most businesses engage in fleet management with the assistance of software and other onboard technologies. Fleet management is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of vehicles. Tracking the location and condition of the vehicles, maintenance schedules, and fuel usage help manage costs and keeps the equipment working longer. Also, tracking the behaviors and habits of drivers ensures the vehicles are operated safely and efficiently, which helps keeps costs low. Today, IoT and automated vehicles have evolved a lot and can report any condition to the servers and communicate between themselves as well.

Ridecell Inc. is a company leading the way in the digital transformation of fleet businesses and operations. Its Fleet IoT (Internet of Things) Automation solutions modernizes and monetizes fleets by combining data insights with digital vehicle control to turn today’s manual processes into automated workflows. This results in unmatched levels of efficiency and control for shared services, motor pools, rental, and logistic fleets. Today Ridecell powers some of the most successful fleet businesses in cities across Europe and North America, including Ferrovial, Groupe Renault, GIG Car Share, powered by AAA NCNU, and KINTO by Toyota Sweden. Ridecell is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and Pune.

For more than a decade, Ridecell has been helping businesses and organizations worldwide modernize their fleet operations and take advantage of new mobility opportunities. Today its Fleet IoT Automation platform powers some of the most successful fleets in cities across Europe and North America for a world-class customer base that includes Ferrovial, Groupe Renault, Gig Car Share from AAA, and Toyota Sweden. It also provides end-to-end data integration and automation solutions for fleets of all sizes: logistics and rental companies, corporate, campus, and government agencies, and carsharing services. 

Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation

The cloud-based platform for digital transformation turns fleet management alerts and vehicle data into automated workflows with the power to control vehicle access and engine starts. The Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation platform learns your fleet systems and turns manual tasks into automated workflows that resolve issues rather than merely reporting them.

Ridecell lets you program the platform to listen to your internal systems and vehicle status and turn those fleet insights into triggers for workflow automation. As an IoT platform, it can automatically change the state of any vehicle in your fleet. Vehicle access is automated with digital keys issued over the air. Vehicle use is controlled with remote immobilizations that prevent the vehicle from being restarted. You can create custom workflows that automatically detect and diagnose issues, take vehicles in and out of service, and issue digital keys to drivers and staff. All seamlessly handled by the Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation platform.

How Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation works

The Ridecell Fleet IoT platform provides the data pipeline and APIs to tie together existing IT, fleet management, and connected vehicle systems—turning your data insights into triggers for workflow automation. Fleet IoT automation unify and amplify the systems you have in place to create powerful workflows that optimize your fleet and your operations.

Insight Management

The Ridecell Fleet IoT platform lets you integrate data insights and alerts from your connected fleet and in-house IT solutions to create a “single source of truth” and triggers for automated workflows. Its insight manager gives your SDK, APIs, and data pipeline for connecting to internal systems and connected fleets. It offers pre-built integrations to service providers, OEM and aftermarket telematics and fleet platforms, intelligent data asset management for centralized and searchable data. It also alerts the engine that processes incoming insights and dispatches as business automation triggers.

Digital Vehicle Control

You can accelerate workflows with the ability to see and remotely change the state of fleet vehicles. Ridecell’s digital vehicle control is hardware agnostic and lets you issue digital keys automatically to drivers and support personnel. You can provide a variety of vehicle access methods, including NFC fobs and smartphone Bluetooth. The Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation digitally prevents vehicle restarts, even if the driver has the key. It lets you unify digital vehicle control of your fleet using OEM-built connectivity and aftermarket telematics. The automation can also change the vehicle state to grant access or block usage.

Workflow Automation

The Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation helps you free up your staff and replace labor-intensive manual processes with automated workflows triggered using data insights from your vehicles and IT systems. The automation engine lets you use insights from existing fleet systems to trigger automated workflows, create business rules that define how fleet conditions should be resolved, automatically initiate the actions that resolve fleet issues, and define automation that are one-time, recurring, date-driven, or dependent on real-time fleet conditions.

“With our Fleet IoT (Internet of Things) Automation platform, we integrate data from sensors and multiple siloed IT systems and turn it into usable insights, digital vehicle control, and automated workflows.”

“Ridecell fosters a culture of non-stop innovation and uncommon ambition. We never stop learning or working to understand the challenges customers face. Our experience, our passion, and our humanity all come together to keep us focused on our mission.”

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