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Qellus — Simplifying your business with process digitalization fueled by OpenText™ solutions

Qellus — Simplifying your business with process digitalization fueled by OpenText™ solutions

Organizations constantly strive to grow effective, productive, and expand their services. All these feats are dependent on the technology and data systems that are in place. It depends on the companies, how they utilize the core systems like ERP, CRM, HR, etc., to enable Analytics, AI, and Digital Transformation and stay ahead of the competition.

Qellus is an IT services company focused on simplifying your business with process digitalization fueled by OpenText™ solutions. Its team has over 20 years of experience designing, developing, and deploying content and data services to support digital transformation solutions with OpenText™. It also specializes in creating seamless, integrating EIM solutions across enterprise and cloud applications, including; SAP®, Salesforce®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, IBM®, and many more.

For years, companies have created unstructured documents and information, including business transactions. Most of the data have historically been poorly managed and underutilized. Companies must treat their data as assets, but this has not been the case. Qellus was explicitly formed to help growing organizations to help them streamline their business processes, manage performances and data, and create immediate business impact. Any company’s data and enterprise content has tremendous value and can transform how it does business. Qellus team of data and information professionals brings this passion and insight to its customers.

Digital Business Transformation

Effective digital transformation programs are known to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational efficiencies. It helps the company have a competitive edge over its competitors. Organizations have been speeding up their digital transformation processes for long-term profitability and growth. According to Gartner, 87% of CIOs and IT leaders accept that digitalization is their priority, and 62% of CEOs said they have a digital transformation program underway.

Qellus has helped its customers cut costs by 20 to 30 percent through flexible infrastructure and agile operations. The urgency of digitalization promises new business values, including improved customer experience and a better return on data-related assets. However, 53% of the organizations surveyed by Gartner still remain untested by digital challenges, as they are unprepared for the key stages, resources, and people.

Qellus guides your organization to transform from day one of the digital journey. The team strives to fundamentally transform your critical business processes and ensure your teams are engaged in their work. This results in accelerated decision-making, reduced costs, increased operational safety, and ultimately, better relationships with your customers.

Qellus enable your business to perform efficiently by standardizing and automating your asset management, finance, sales, human resources, research & development, engineering supply chain, and global trade processes. It instills trust in your data, with more efficient business processes and a more agile culture.

The Qellus roadmap starts determining what is working for your organization, allowing you to use data for better-informed decisions, safer operations, and reduced costs. Unlike other methods which focus only on technology, Qellus uses a systematic approach to connect critical business processes and organizational elements to achieve success by looking at data, technology, and the user journey through the lens of your company objectives.

Automated Invoice Processes

Automation has undoubtedly changed the way businesses operate worldwide. It has increased efficiency, keeping overheads low, and eliminating human error. Today automation is deployed everywhere, from marketing to sales. Quellus allows you to utilize the power of automation in your invoicing process. You can reduce complexity around your payable processes by automatically routing invoices to the right person at the right time. You can also track KPIs for industry benchmarks, supplier performance, and team productivity while leveraging invoice and spending analytics all within one application.

Qellus allows your company to experience the convenience and efficiency of Accounts Payable Automation by implementing your OpenText and SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution. When deployed, Qellus provides its decades of expertise through its trained team. It guides and assists you at each stage of the design and implementation process, ensuring you get things right every time.

“While other consultancy firms focus only on technology, Qellus brings passion and experience to unlock your processes and content, removing the barriers that limit your business potential and journey to digital transformation.”

Enterprise Content Services

Unstructured content is almost everywhere. Most of the unstructured data is floating, filed, hidden, hoarded, siloed, and stored in innumerable repositories across the organization. It can include emails, videos, documents, pictures, presentations, social media, and much more. Organizations today require the ability to instantly access critical information on demand to increase productivity, generate results faster, accurately, and deliver better products and services. This can be done by putting this unstructured content into context and provide critical insights for those who need it the most.

Qellus transforms your organization by making unstructured content easily accessible within the context of your business processes. It provides access to true systems integration, creating easy to deploy and scalable solutions that can speed up the delivery of your projects, saving your organization costs, time and ultimately making your customers happier. By understanding your processes and tightly integrating them into your organization’s business, Qellus increases process collaboration and trusted data, removes redundant process silos, and eliminates inconsistencies between data and documents.

Qellus enables your organization to leverage your investment in leading applications and data. This brings with it better customer journeys and operational efficiency through a functional and process view. The company achieves these results by ensuring that your OpenText Extended ECM platform is tightly integrated with your company’s content management and your core applications. It optimizes the information flows between applications such as SAP S/4 HANA, MDG, GTS, Microsoft Dynamics 365, IBM Maximo, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, etc.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

For industries such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, and Life Sciences, performance and profitability are directly influenced by how efficiently assets are managed. To operate efficiently, organizations must be able to leverage information about enterprise assets across functional teams and be confident in the reliability of the asset and maintenance information residing in their Enterprise Asset Management – EAM software.

Qellus solves the challenges associated with untrusted asset information. It uses leading OpenText, SAP, and EAM platforms combined with its extensive business expertise to optimize your asset management process, eliminate unplanned downtime, and reduce maintenance operations. Qellus has decades of experience implementing SAP and OpenText solutions that facilitate content sharing and management supporting core ERP processes. It simplifies collecting, storing, and sharing plant maintenance documentation and associating it with assets managed within leading applications such as SAP, Maximo, and Infor.

Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

For asset-intensive companies, it is vital to minimize downtime and unplanned outages of assets. To operate efficiently, companies must operate efficiently, improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Qellus’ solution allows for more efficient collaboration in asset-related activities. Its OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo is the only solution that fully integrates robust document and records management for OpenText directly within the Maximo asset management interface. Field workers can leverage Maximo data and documentation to increase operational excellence, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety performance and reduce fines.

By leveraging the Extended ECM platform by OpenText, Qellus allows unstructured asset information to be shared across the operations and maintenance processes in Maximo as well as procurement processes in your ERP systems. Integrating with a full-featured asset management system allows for improved collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors, handling complex work orders within and outside of your organization. Qellus shortens the time to value by starting with a predefined set of workspace templates and metadata providers, allowing the ability to quickly get user feedback and tailor it to fit your needs.

Ihsan Hall — Founding Partner, Managing Director at Qellus, LLC.

“Our consultants are content management veterans, dedicating their careers to helping clients fuel for decades. Their expertise allows customers worldwide to turn complex problems into flexible solutions for each unique set of needs.”

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