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Squirro – Providing Augmented Intelligence solutions to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights

Squirro – Providing Augmented Intelligence solutions to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights

Augmented intelligence is a technology by which the analytical power and speed of AI takes over most of the data processing. With this approach to AI-powered analytics, augmented intelligence guides human employees to make more informed and smart decisions at speed. Augmented intelligence can transform decision-making, which is why it has captured the attention of business leaders across a variety of industries. To be successful, enterprises must develop partnerships that combine both technological and industry expertise. In other words, create a culture of industry-led augmented intelligence. When augmented intelligence is industry-led – and tied closely to the unique needs and nuances of each business as a result – the opportunities are endless.

Squirro is one such firm that provides Augmented Intelligence solutions. Its unique technology marries Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics, empowering organizations to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights. Organizations using Squirro take advantage of its ability to source leads and recommend the next best action in an automated way. Its real-time 360-degree client cockpit provides a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. The company’s applications for Corporate Financial Services, Insurance, and Manufacturing are successfully used by leading global organizations, such as ING, Investec, Helvetia, AXIS Re, Sony, and Bühler.

Next-Generation Augmented Intelligence Solutions Furnished

Investment Banking Solution: Tomorrow's deal pipeline is under construction right now. The early signs are already out there, buried in new premium data and lengthy earnings transcripts, or siloed in inaccessible meeting notes and pitchbooks. Most of those signs - and most of those deals - are inevitably missed by analysts drowning in all the data. Staying ahead of the competition and having the right talking points is a key to an increased deal flow. Squirro's Investment Banking Solution delivers the increased deal flow bankers crave. Using pre-trained AI Models for the most significant Triggers, its solution reads through more data than the most experienced human eye ever could, unearthing the hidden gems your competitors can't find.

IT Service Management Solution: IT service issues can add up to become major financial losses. Your organization’s ability to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently has a direct impact on unmet SLA obligations and customer experience, both of which are critical to your company’s success. IT Service Management is a core component of your business strategy. By reducing the time taken to identify and resolve issues, your organization can improve customer loyalty, maximizing uptime and delivering a consistently excellent and effective service. The Squirro ITSM Solution significantly reduces service management costs while facilitating a vastly improved customer experience. It provides AI-driven insights and recommendations stemming from all relevant data sources, structured and unstructured, internal and external. The solution also integrates directly with your existing command center, allows users to significantly reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) of existing incidents and lowers the number of new incidents requiring agent assistance.

Squirro for Refinitiv: Companies spend over 30 billion USD on data to gain key market insights, making data one of the most important but also most underused assets of companies. Every company gets access to the same data, which lacks context and therefore is not relevant or informative. Squirro activates your Refinitiv data investment by delivering automatically the right insights and recommendations, at the right time, in context of your interests, and embedded in your core systems.

Squirro Manufacturing Solution: Long-established businesses confront numerous challenges when they attempt to undertake a full digital transformation. The Squirro Manufacturing Solution harnesses Augmented Intelligence to improve human performance. By analyzing a huge range of structured and unstructured data sources, it can supercharge business teams, minimize downtime, speed up sales, improve customer support and troubleshoot the supply chain.

The Formidable Leader

Dorian Selz is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Squirro. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in everything digital, in particular Search, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Strategy, company, team building, and financing.

“Combining the power of AI with human imagination, our Augmented Intelligence solutions provide your business with the right insights, at the right moment, and in the context of their industry and work.”

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