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SyncDog, Inc.: Empower Your Mobile Workforce

SyncDog, Inc.: Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Gone are the days when employees needed to stay glued to the computer screen throughout the day to get their work done. The new reality is that today’s workforce is constantly on the move and yet they are still expected to get their work done on time. These expectations are still reasonable however, mainly due to the technology and data that is at their disposal through the use of mobile devices. As a result, company dynamics have significantly changed where now most, if not all of the employee base is considered part of the ‘Mobile Workforce’.

But with advancing technology, also comes additional hurdles to overcome. While productivity is greatly raised by allowing the workforce to work from wherever they are with the data they need, the downside is that working through these devices, without taking the proper measures, can often create new security risks.

To tackle this problem, employees are often required to carry two separate devices; one for personal use and one for office use. But this rarely helps and conversely, almost always results in the IT and security teams now having to support twice the number of devices accessing company data. The situation is only worsened for the IT & Security teams, who are tasked with enabling sensitive data to be sent out to employee devices, knowing that mobile security threats are on the rise. The increasing number of headlines about security compromises is proof that the protective measures being used today are notably insufficient. This is where SyncDog comes in.

SyncDog to the rescue

SyncDog provides a partitioned environment that securely separates work/sensitive data from personal use data on the same device – even in a BYOD environment. The solution is equally effective on corporate issued devices or within organiz- ations offering both options. Additionally both iOS and Android are supported. Secure.SystemsTM is SyncDog’s flagship product and the market’s leading solution for mobility management and security. The product gives the users a secure workspace that has a full suite of productivity applications that closely mimics the data and applications available to them on their desktop/laptop environment. But unlike MAM solutions, all of the applications are contained in a single application with a single sign on. This ensures the integrity of all the data both at rest and in transit within a workspace using 256-bit encrypted, NIST validated, FIPS 140-2 Certified security.

Companies and governments with Secure.SystemsTM onboard can now breathe easy and offer BYOD programs without adding intrusive management profiles. Moreover, the solution can be used both on-line and off-line, solving the major limitation of VPN based solutions.

Journey of the company

SyncDog’s journey began as a concept that was built around an exploratory development project with an Intelligence agency of the U.S. Federal Government. This particular project needed a solution that could enable secure access to highly confidential data from any iOS or Android device, in any part of the world where they might be situated at the time. The concept would help the agency representatives use the device they have on hand, or if needed, purchase a device locally from anywhere in the world, to access Top Secret Information Securely. Then enable them to just as easily dispose of the device when no longer needed – without concern of any data remaining on the device once out of their possession. The concept was something that the Founder and CEO of SyncDog, Jonas Gyllensvaan, had been working on when it got picked up by the U.S. Federal government. The rest, as they say, is history.

30 Fastest Growing Companies to watch 2019 Syncdog Inc

SyncDog grew as a solution in the private and public sectors as it continued to address the expanding requirements of both the mobile employees themselves and the IT and security teams that support and enable them. More importantly, it grew as a full end to end security solution as it continued to bridge the security gaps identified in the common use systems it was replacing. With the growing demands for BYOD as well as the growing concerns around the impacts to privacy and productivity when using MDM solutions, SyncDog’s Secure.Systems quickly gained popularity as a single sign-on solution offering a secure way to share data between applications within a workspace. Today, it offers the solution with over 25 application modules including E-Mail, PIM, Chat, Location Services, Text, Secure Browser, Secure Photo Storage, File Share, Skype, Sharepoint, and a Microsoft office document, PDF editor and numerous others.

This is helping mobile workers get the job done wherever they are, on whatever device they have on hand, without having to rush back to the office to complete important tasks.

Mobile Security at its best

Today, most Companies and governments still purchase devices, data plans, MDM solutions, Anti-Virus (AV), Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and other technology to ensure that their data is secure, and yet attacks and breaches are on the rise. The reason why is that MDM solutions were not initially designed for security and today, are still mostly limited to enforcing password policies and offering the ability to wipe a device if needed. AV solutions, as is always the case, are only as good as the latest update. MTD solutions only detect and alert and do little to prevent further damage or risk without manual intervention. To add to that, Companies and organizations allowing use of personal devices almost always do so along with the caveat that they require a device management profile to be put on the device – putting the company in direct conflict with new and growing personal privacy laws and regulations. To make matters worse, they also often require permission to wipe the personal device if they feel that something has gone wrong. This scenario is far from ideal.

SyncDog was built knowing the impact of these limitations. As a result, it has developed a next generation security and enablement solution with the end-user experience and end-user productivity as its primary goal. SyncDog’s offering completely separates work data from the personal data while giving the organization the control and encryption required to securely hand over the data mobile workers need to get the job done. As a next generation solution, SyncDog goes above and beyond by uniquely offering the following services in one solution.

  • Multi-part encryption key that avoids the use of the key store – prohibits reassembly of the key
  • Encryption of data while At Rest and in Transit
  • Integrated Mobile Threat Detection
  • Integrated Anti Virus protection
  • Integrated Encrypted Voice Capability
  • iOS & Android Support
  • Managed (MDM enabled) or Unmanaged (BYOD) Device support
  • Time Bomb wipe of data to ensure protection even if device stays offline
  • Single App Download that includes any/all features above
  • Single Sign on to access any/all features above

The U.S. Federal Government trusts SyncDog

Government institutions have always looked towards deploying the best solutions, as what they use from day-to-day can often impact a large demography of any population. Hence, reliability is of paramount importance when it comes to partnerships between governments and enterprises. When SyncDog was founded in 2013, the U.S. Federal Government was its largest user.

Today, SyncDog is working with customers in most verticals by leveraging their OEM/White label, Reseller/Distribution, and Direct Channels. Their range has hit an upward trajectory over the years as they have been able to work with the Global 2000 companies and as well as with the SMBs.

Just about any company which imposes on employees to carry multiple devices and/or use a managed personal device for work are potential customers.

Despite such a fantastic growth, Government agencies persist in being the largest user base in SyncDog’s impressive customer portfolio because quite simply, when it comes to mobility solutions, they are the most reliable providers out there.

About the road ahead for this innovative company, Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder and CEO, says, “The SyncDog roadmap is to continue to incorporate the business tools and applications that mobile workers need to get the job done into our single sign-on, secure mobile workspace while at the same time to add all the security measures needed that enable the security and IT teams to sleep better at night.”

The Leaders Upfront

Brian Egenrieder, Chief Revenue Officer

Brian is a brilliant sales strategist and an executive leader of more than 30 years. His experience in sales, sales management, business development and marketing gives Brian a unique perspective in helping early stage companies build from the ground up and helping established companies hone their strategies and processes to consistently increase revenue while controlling costs.

He specializes in building and managing strategic sales teams and sales processes around Software Solutions, Applications and SaaS/Cloud Computing.

Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder and CEO

Jonas is a leader with an extraordinary entrepreneurial vision. He has been highly successful in the enterprise mobility space, having founded and sold two highly successful startups. His strategies and tools have helped both public and private entities and also government agencies in over twelve countries.

Forging Great Partnerships

A large part of being the best in the business is about whom you strike a partnership with. SyncDog looks to the best to enhance what it has to offer. In September 2019, SyncDog announced that it was entering into a partnership with the leading cybersecurity company, Symantec, to further enhance its Secure.SystemsTM product.

The partnership will see the integration of Symantec’s endpoint solution with SyncDog’s secure application workspace. The joint solution will ensure security and address a great range of mobility concerns. Through the partnership, the users will get access to an integrated solution for anti-virus protection (AV), Mobile Threat Detection (MTD), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The solution will have more features and increased functionality that will lead to increased productivity and enable great oversight of an organization’s overall mobile strategy.

“Secure.Systems is the next generation mobile security solution that finally enables companies to allow employees to access the data they need, from whatever device they have on hand, from wherever they are in the world, without having to worry about the data falling into the wrong hands.”

“Our solution finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity. SyncDog enables you to have both.”

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