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The world leader in innovative UV LED curing technology for industrial applications: Phoseon Technology

The world leader in innovative UV LED curing technology for industrial applications: Phoseon Technology

Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for UV curing applications, and has now expanded into Life Sciences. As the world leader in UV LED technology, Phoseon provides patented LED technology to deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions. The Company is focused 100% on LED and provides worldwide sales and support capabilities UV LED technology uses semiconductor based Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to project ultraviolet light when electric current is passed through the junction. These solid-state devices provide instant on-off capability with no warm-up time or mechanical shutters. Phoseon's rugged LED light sources deliver superior performance and integrated control based on patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) TM Technology. Phoseon builds on the inherent advantages of UV LED technology by delivering optimized solutions for demanding applications.As the world leader in innovative UV LED curing technology for industrial applications, Phoseon provides the broadest portfolio of LED-based solutions for printing, coating, and adhesive applications. With the ability to tailor solutions utilizing our patented TargetCure™ technology and WhisperCure™ technology, they deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions.With over 300 patents and trademarks protecting more than 100,000 units shipped, Phoseon has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. The Company is focused 100% on UV LED systems and provides worldwide sales and support capabilities.

UV LED Technology for Life Sciences Applications

Ultraviolet light has important uses in analytical instrumentation, healthcare, and medicine. With expertise in UV LED light engines across a wide range of wavelengths, Phoseon Technology is the premier partner to solve new challenges in life sciences instruments, healthcare and advanced imaging. More than products, Phoseon works with customers to develop complete solutions for life sciences applications. Phoseon Technology understands your end-users’ needs and develops LED light sources to solve your most important challenges.Phoseon Technology leads the way in utilizing light-emitting diodes across relevant wavelengths to open the door to new applications. They quickly deliver highly engineered, reliability tested, and ISO9001 quality-assured products.Phoseon engineers custom solutions based on patented LED technology for a wide range of life sciences applications. Applications include: chromatography, decontamination, disinfection, and imaging.

The Leader in Industrial Curing UV LED Applications

Phoseon is the leader in UV LED industrial curing applications. The name Phoseon comes from the Greek word for light, phos, and the word eon, meaning an immeasurably long time. So the definition of Phoseon is long lasting light. The company’s mission is to exploit innovative light sources to solve industrial problems and enable new applications.Today, Phoseon offers semiconductor ultra violet and infrared light sources for curing applications. Their high intensity integrated light systems cover curing applications for the printing, coating and adhesive markets. The key to Phoseon’s success is to provide “disruptive technologies”. They enable discontinuous innovation solve specific business problems.UV curing refers to the unique way in which adhesives, coatings and inks are dried using “energy” from UV light sources rather than using heat or evaporation. If you drive a car, use a smart phone, or drink bottled water—all these objects have been “cured” using ultraviolet (UV) light.Ultraviolet (UV) LED stands for ultraviolet light emitting diode. A UV LED is an electronic light source with electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than x-rays. Ultraviolet curing is the polymerization of UV sensitive materials, rather than drying through the evaporation of solvents.

Phoseon has developed a UV LED energy source that provides maximum UV energy, superior performance, and long-term reliability while also improving workplace safety. While many manufacturers continue to use a broad range of techniques for their curing applications, an increasing number are embracing UV LED due to its numerous benefits. Phoseon’s air-cooled LED lamp surpasses 70,000 hours of operational on-time with irradiance being greater than 80% of its original output when the test first began ten years ago.Phoseon’s extensive reliability testing includes highly accelerated life testing, temperature, and vibration assessments to ensure products are rugged and reliable in even the harshest environments.

Meet the leader behind the success ofPhoseon Technology

Bill Cortelyou, President & CEO: Mr. Cortelyou joined Phoseon in 2007 as President & CEO, bringing 20 years of experience in semiconductor technology and capabilities. Prior to joining Phoseon, Mr. Cortelyou was an early investor in Phoseon as well as advising early stage technology companies. Previously, Mr. Cortelyou was Vice President of Operations at Integrated Device Technology covering semiconductor operations and manufacturing. Prior to IDT, Mr. Cortelyou was a process engineer for Advanced Micro Devices. Mr. Cortelyou holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from San Francisco State University.

“Phoseon’s extensive portfolio of air and water-cooled LED UV curing products come in a variety of sizes and UV power to match application needs.”

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