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Transcendent Realty Investments Focusing on creating impact through strategically buying and selling real estate

Transcendent Realty Investments Focusing on creating impact through strategically buying and selling real estate

The Origins of Transcendent Realty Investments

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a business degree and a minor in marketing, Jeromie Tucker began his business journey with Express Employment Professionals. Initially, he served as the director of Staffing and recruiting sector. In this position for more than ten years, Tucker supervised 300-400 people before his elevation to Regional Director. Ultimately, Tucker accepted the position of Director of the Professional Recruiting Division.

Returning to his alma mater in 2016, Tucker entered the next phase

of his professional journey as associate director of development for the Oklahoma State University Foundation. For three years, he successfully secured private funds. During that time, Tucker learned about wholesaling and flipping real estate. This business model led him to research its potential and the creation of his real estate investing company.

Undaunted to begin a new business adventure, Tucker embraced his entrepreneurial notions. Unafraid to enlist sources to perform tasks outside his expertise, Tucker focuses on every detail of his three- company enterprise, where he continues to build and streamline infrastructure, systems, and processes.

Tucker learned a valuable business lesson while helping a prominent Tulsa realtor. The businessman secured a rare land deal that, unfortunately, fell through three days before closing when the buyer pulled out, ending the realtor’s purchase of a momentous property. Momentarily crestfallen, prayer, and re-evaluating the situation revealed a different perspective and approach to clearly understand the buyers demanding end goal. Believing he could help the seller, Tucker reached out to Lauri White of Lady White & Co.

Ms. White connected him with the city planner to learn more about the property. The city planner shared a few critical pieces of information that essentially solved the perceived problem. Quickly passing this along to his buyer and his partner, the deal was back on the table and eventually closed. Everyone benefited from Tucker’s persistence. The budding entrepreneur grasped the significance of the moment: think outside the box, be resourceful, and never give up.

Services offered by the company

Transcendent Realty Investments (TRI) ‘s primary focus is on strategically investing in all aspects of real estate through buying and selling both commercial and residential properties. TRI acquires real estate through several methods, including investing partners, wholesaling, and fix-and-flip. Tucker maintains, “We take a multi-faceted and innovative approach to real estate in an ongoing effort to impact lives and expand into multiple markets.”

Transcendent Realty Investments specializes in residential and commercial real estate and serves across Tulsa. Negotiating challenges drives the company’s innovation, so their clients are even more profitable. TRI always looks forward, harvests opportunities, and resolves obstacles.

Challenges Faced and Future Ahead

Navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic taught TRI how to make the appropriate pivots during an uncertain real estate market. Their strategy of focusing on emerging markets and niches created by the pandemic landed TRI a sizable transaction that helped financially anchor the company and advance their mission.

TRI outduels its competition by enhancing and embracing a multi-faceted approach to real estate through their understanding of layering their efforts to capitalize on the new market opportunities. They leverage technology to stay current with their techniques, efficiencies, and effectiveness in emerging markets. According to TRI, the emerging markets are the areas that many real estate investors either don’t understand or fail to adapt or upgrade their processes and systems to capitalize on these opportunities. This presents an unmistakable opportunity to learn and master a new niche in the market and exploit their competitor’s inability to react to these new opportunities. TRI is finalizing a partnership with an Oklahoma City-based company to find and wholesale single-family homes for their lease-to-own clients.

Meet the CEO

Jeromie Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Transcendent Realty Investments (TRI), LLC. TRI is a real estate investment company that invests in all aspects of real estate and focuses on strategically buying and selling real estate and creating impact in the communities that it serves. He is a real estate/business investor, consultant, motivational speaker, and coach. He is known and recognized for his innovative, dynamic, and entrepreneurial ability to solve real estate and business challenges. Tucker has been featured in several magazines such as The Top 100 Magazine, CIO Bulletin, and Beyond Exclamation Magazine.

His passion and purpose is helping others recognize and capitalize on their strengths in real estate and assisting them to fulfill their goals.

Tucker owns two other companies, Transcendent Rental Properties (TRP), LLC and Transcendent Capital (TC), LLC. His Rental Properties, LLC focuses primarily on investing in multi-units, and his Capital, LLC is a partnership that helps businesses gain access to funding, insurance, and business/real estate consulting. As part of his commitment to the Tulsa community, Tucker works with Birthright Living Legacy, a non- profit that supports and celebrates fathers.

We take a multi-faceted and innovative approach to real estate in an ongoing effort to impact lives and expand into multiple markets.”

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