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UIB: Making Human to Machine Communications Simple

UIB: Making Human to Machine Communications Simple

The Internet boom changed basic communications between people. Technology, a boon that is, has altered the communications landscape dramatically. Today, the information overload has resulted in people no longer being able to process the information that's available. But, the future of communication is changing by simplifying the experience. And at the forefront of this change is UIB.

UIB was established to solve a problem: information overload. Think of all our communication channels- including the countless text messages, chats, emails, voice mails, push notifications etc., the amount of information that travels is immense. UIB was set up to bring all these communication channels into a single unified inbox- the UnificationEngine (UE).

Based out of Singapore since 2014, UIB is a global company in every sense. UIB’s mission is clear: to give people back the time and focus that has been lost over the past two decades. The mantra at UIB is to make the complex simple. By doing this, the company is creating the freedom of connectivity to harmoniously integrate life and work.

The engine for all: UnificationEngine

Today, in the communication market, the focus light is directed on intelligent IoT messaging. Here, the problems of security, convenience, and interoperability are handled seamlessly by the UnificationEngine. Apps overloading is another problem and UE takes care of this by eliminating the need for additional apps to talk to your smart devices at the last mile.

Simply put, UE is the way you can future-proof your business with its convenience, interoperability, and security. “Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), UnificationEngine allows you to remotely control and receive alerts and notifications from your devices on the communications channels you use most, eliminating the need for a separate app for each device,” explains the CEO, Toby Ruckert.

Moreover, UE makes weak IoT platforms even strong with the end-to-end encryption that matches device ownership with a user ID. Popular global messaging and social media apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, LINE, Skype, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Twitter, Zalo, and other use UnificationEngine.

An Engine that stands out

“UE is the internet of communications for the Internet of Things,” says UIB. Be it smart homes, smart enterprises, or ultimately, a smart city, UIB is the platform for all your communications. For instance, if you’re shopping at the supermarket, you can WhatsApp your refrigerator to check if you need milk! UIB makes this possible.

The UnificationEngine is unique. It has an Omni-Channel Strategy (over 20 communications channels!) and works in every country with every language. It’s a go-to platform for manufacturers with its on-demand communications with users and allowing ownership and control of data.

For consumers, UE makes it simple to communicate with natural language text and voice, allowing the user to use their favorite communications channels. The common consumer can use his devices with or without mobile apps and no external hardware is required. You can personalize your devices and handle privacy — it’s not always listening to you and your family; at the same time, you can remotely control all of your different devices.

“Our diversity is our edge”

When it comes to the talented people of UIB, it’s a globally distributed team. But more importantly, the diversity in the team is the reason behind UIB’s success. The team’s diversity mirrors every aspect like the language, country, gender, race, age, ethnicity, experiences of the customers, orientations, etc. This has created the unique company culture of UIB.

“How and why we do things define us even more than what we make and sell,” they say at UIB. “We are a globally distributed team. We work from where we can be the most productive. And our regional offices, centers of innovative collaboration with our customers, enable us to live and work in our customers’ communities.”

The company culture keeps the team aligned with its brand, and hence with the customers. The entire team, customers, and even the owners are global in every sense. This motivates the company to better understand and leverage the insights from all the different cultures. Truly a global company!

Meet the Inspirer

Toby Ruckert, Founder and CEO

Not only is Toby the founder, CEO and board member, he is also a classically trained pianist. He calls himself an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, musician, keynote speaker, presenter and expert in AI, IoT, and digital transformation. Born in Germany, Toby has lived on a small island in New Zealand for over a decade before becoming a digital nomad. With his company established in Singapore, he still feels universally home in many countries and cultures. His mocktail and veggie BBQ fans span three continents and two islands! 

“My professional goal is to empower people to regain control of their digital lives by creating solutions that help us realize the importance of our attention and manage it with awareness to shape our destiny consciously.”

“We write history every single day. And we inspire and support others by enriching and fulfilling the lives of people around the world – including our own.”

“We give people back time. Our technologies enable people to simply communicate.”

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