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We are an established scientific agency: Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC

We are an established scientific agency: Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC

Healthcare is a thrilling industry because of its growth, digital transformations, and strong value-creation potential. Technology has helped in providing treatments to any and every disease like gastrointestinal, oncology, adult vaccines, rare disease, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases. Innovative technology alone is not sufficient; alongside providing right knowledge of the diseases are also important which benefits the healthcare providers and patients to take accurate diagnosis and find a cure.

Simpson Healthcare was established with a purpose of supporting its clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch and therapies they discover for all in need. Simpson Healthcare Executives challenges key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to think disruptively about the future of healthcare and it collaborates to create the most positive experiences for patients, beyond the immediate future and into the next couple of decades.

In conversation with Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO and CSO 

Could you explain us on what grounds you expanded the firm and offerings?

We believe that the real value of healthcare resides in our ability to create value for patients and that our agency’s commitment to delivering the most positive patient experience for our clients in all of their interactions with the healthcare system is the best way to transform healthcare into the future. We understand that the role of the disease or product is one piece of a larger story that includes the patient and their caregivers, the healthcare providers, the health system that must be navigated, and the client’s strategic intent. Along with our clients, we keep the patient firmly in our sights as a core element of the story. Our offerings include traditional medical and scientific communications, but the diversity and experience within our organization allow us to bear the larger context of healthcare that facilitates high-level, strategic consulting as an important part of what our company delivers for every project we work on with our clients.

We pull through the story of why our clients’ therapeutic brands matter for patients and how they will improve their lives. We dig deeper into the science of the therapies that our clients are developing and what it means for patients who could benefit the most from their therapy. At the start of a new project, our internal team will align with our client on strategic vision, project management details, and the long-term value that will be added to the healthcare industry throughout the entire therapeutic brand lifecycle. After working with our client to clearly define the problem or opportunity, we will then outline our objectives and timelines and move forward in a collaborative path.

We ensure that we have the right members on our teams and think disruptively about the delivery of our story to our audience, which means that we pull through the experiences of our organization with previous similar challenges. We believe that everyone on our team should know our client’s goals and how our scientific story will support it using a wide array of lenses and perspectives across a variety of marketing and communications platforms. We activate our clients and our teams as we work together to connect key healthcare providers and stakeholders to the therapies they need to treat their patients and to help improve their lives.

Could you explain in detail about your company values?

At Simpson Healthcare, we think disruptively about the healthcare industry, and we are a values- and beliefs-driven organization. We believe that the way to be most impactful is to focus on the delivery of positive experiences to our clients and their patients, keeping in mind that the real value in healthcare comes from helping patients to live better. In an ever-evolving healthcare marketplace, we believe that providing great scientific marketing and communications is an important role because knowledge-sharing is essential to bridging information gaps. We are the link between the science of the present and discoveries of the future, and we transform the healthcare experience and build upon the healthcare landscape together with our clients for the next generations. We embrace our core values: maintain passion about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for our company, our clients, and our community; keep it real by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with our clients; look to the future by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity; know we are better together and dedicated to collaborative teamwork to ensure the highest quality work product; and finally, we bring our best selves to work every day, which means we are committed to achieving personal balance and strength, both at work and in our own lives.

Have you thought of releasing new products in the coming years?

With the support of our medical and strategy teams and CEO, Kelly Simpson-Angelini; our award-winning scientific agency has brought our FUTURING service offering to our clients for over the past half-decade, which clients have integrated into their business strategy to create goals and drive decision-making that side-step global crisis and are impactful in many ways including: in the development of new therapeutic brands, in providing a more personalized brand experience for patients, and in transforming patient health outcomes.

To expand upon our commitment to the healthcare experience and scientific innovation for our clients, we have used our passion for healthcare and disruptive innovation to build and customize specialized service offerings that provide long-term value to their business and the healthcare field. Through the collaborations of the talented members of our team—and with Kelly Simpson-Angelini’s scientific and business thought leadership on the purpose and intent of disruptive innovation within healthcare—Simpson Healthcare has developed and successfully implemented a new line of “FUTURING” work with our major “big pharma” clients. In order to understand why this type of work accelerates disruptive innovation, we have to dig deeper into what “FUTURING” means. During FUTURING, we envision the potential best and worst futures without any reference to present day. Once the FUTURES have been imagined, the drivers to reach those futures are identified, which helps identify opportunities to shape a “DESIRABLE FUTURE” or avoid impact from an “UNDESIRABLE FUTURE.” The reason this work is important is because the purpose of FUTURING is to look at global datasets, policies, and influential variables, and to disrupt key markets in healthcare with a longer 10–20-year vision for the future. These inventories are a starting point for change based on the identified opportunities from FUTURING.

Our work here has been launched with our top clients who are disruptively transforming healthcare in the industry. We have won a host of awards for our disruptive service offerings and have most recently been designated as “Best for Scientific Communications” by Corporate Vision Magazine and “Best Scientific Communications Agency-CT” by the Business Excellence Awards, hosted by Acquisition International Magazine. Earlier this year, Simpson Healthcare Executives was crowned “Best Pharmaceutical Marketing Support Specialists-CT” at the North American Excellence Awards, a prestigious national awards program held by Corporate America News that is committed to organizations that provide excellence in client service. We are proud to unite and support our clients, to shape the future of healthcare so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available to provide a brighter health outlook for those in need.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies will continue to be new and abundant. We see huge opportunity to continue to build knowledge and skills in organizing and showcasing scientific content. We will have more brands to build, more ways to build and explain them. A personalized and individualized approach to disease education will be something to simplify and focus on in marketing material. We are proud to unite and support our clients, to shape the future of healthcare, so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available to provide a brighter health outlook for patients who are in need.

Say hello to the ace

Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO & CSO, founded Simpson Healthcare Executives in 1998, a diverse scientific agency now celebrating its 20th year of business. She began her career as a Research Scientist at Pfizer, before discovering her passion for providing education to physicians that help patients to live better through advancing scientific communications and catalyzing brand behavior for biopharmaceutical clients.

She challenges key stakeholders in the biopharmaceutical and medical industry to think differently and often disruptively about how to better deliver healthcare and why it matters for patients. The purpose of innovation, as with any other industry is always to either remove a pain-point or provide an answer that was previously unknown for the firm’s clients. Simpson builds the better brands of tomorrow and aims to improve patient and brand health long-term. Providing effective and efficient education to physicians on therapies can really improve quality of life for patients; empowering better disease management, and in the best-case scenario, help to put devastating diseases into remission.

A few years ago, Kelly was named a Women of Innovation Honoree by the Connecticut Technology Council for her entrepreneurial vision and leadership. She has since been honored in New York City by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) as a Healthcare Transformers- Top 10 Innovation Catalyst; and by Business Worldwide Magazine as Healthcare Industry CEO of the Year- USA and Most Innovative CEO of the Year-USA at the Business Worldwide CEO Awards.

“Our specialties are scientific communications, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, marketing, advisory boards, speaker bureaus, speaker training, content development.”

“Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch and the therapies they discover to all in need.”

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