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We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative Digital Transformation solutions VerseOne Group Ltd

We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative Digital Transformation solutions VerseOne Group Ltd

Digital transformation is not just about being digital at heart, it is about remodeling business strategies to be customer-centric, agile and innovative. Many businesses are starting to perceive the potential of digital to engage customers externally as well as streamlining internal processes.

Digital transformation is game changing and its providers are indispensable. VerseOne is an established and successful digital services and technology integration organization. Its prime focus is on providing online solutions that deliver real value and return on investment (ROI), whilst being incredibly easy to deploy, with a low and predictable ongoing cost of ownership.

We conversed with Alan Neilson, Founder, and Executive Chairman to know more about the company

Could you brief us about the company?

VerseOne provides web technology platforms, digital, and creative services to the social housing, healthcare, local government, and broader commercial markets. Our mission is to deliver highly-personalized, functional, and beautifully-crafted digital transformation solutions that offer the best engagement and experience for anyone accessing our customers’ most valuable asset: their business content. We put our customers’ requirements at the heart of what we do by helping them cut through the online noise to deliver their content and messages to their target audience on any device.

At VerseOne, we believe that effective and intelligent managing and sharing of business content creates unique competitive advantages and real return on investment. This founding principle, that content is a valuable business asset, is at the heart of our proven approach to providing the best digital solutions for our customers. Our history of organic and profitable growth over the past 13 years, combined with the independent recognitions we’ve received over this period for innovation, quality, and corporate culture.

What is your company’s modus operandi?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative Digital Transformation solutions across multiple channels that deliver outstanding customer engagement and user experiences. We bring to bear over 15 years of successfully blending creative and digital know-how with online and mobile technologies to connect customers and users with the business content of an organization. This derives the most commercial value from this vital business asset providing our customers with a real competitive edge.

What was your initial project about? How did it support in your company’s progress?

As to be expected and in line with one of the core values at VerseOne, the first project was a collaborative venture with an early adopter customer that became very much an extension of our organization and vice versa. Everyone worked very hard to set expectations correctly from the outset and managed and prioritized functionalities and additional capabilities as uncovered and put forward.

The “champion customer” very much appreciated and understood our vision which they liked and bought into. They were aware that by getting involved at an early stage and supporting us, they would end up with an amazing product that they would deploy and have supported by us with all the key benefits that offers.

What difficulties had you suffered in your initial years?

The biggest challenge much like any early stage organization in the tech sector was to find and convince the early adopter companies we approached that we had the resources and the commitment to deliver on our vision. This involved having many meetings and despite the to-be-expected setbacks, having the faith and the determination and to keep on until the right champion customer presented itself. The company was entirely funded by the founders with limited and stretched finances which presented real challenges.

What are your firm’s success factors?

  • The greatest asset in any organization, particularly in the tech sector, is the people that make up the team within the business. Articulate the vision, ensure they’re fully onboard then empower them to make their contribution
  • Equally important are the customers. Become an extension of their business and fully engage with them and understand how you and your organization could maximally add value to theirs
  • The company culture. Although not an asset as such it’s important to ensure that the right culture exists and that as the business expands, this doesn’t get diluted or distorted

What do you think are the reasons for your unfailing growth?

We blend deep knowledge of the market sectors; we specialize in powerful web applications and other best-of-breed technologies and services to create customized, cutting-edge, and value-for-money web and mobile solutions for our customers.

Where do you see your company in the coming years?

The commitment to the customer experience by everyone at VerseOne also enables the company to take a long view. We are always evaluating the latest products, best practice methods, and design trends, and how best to incorporate these into our offerings. By taking this view, VerseOne ensures its solutions are extensible and future-proofed.

Greet the ace

Alan Neilson is the founder of VerseOne Group. In addition to his involvement with VerseOne, Alan acts a director, adviser, and investor for a number of other early-stage IT and technology companies.

Alan was the CEO and one of the founding directors of royalblue technologies plc—a wholly owned subsidiary of royalblue group plc (now Fidessa group plc, FDSA.L). He was involved in all aspects of growing that company from a small start-up in 1991 to a highly successful and dominant software and services organization where he sat on the main board. With a BSc in Computer Studies, Alan has broad experience in the IT industry spanning a 30-year career.

As Executive Chairman, Alan is responsible for the formulation of VerseOne’s current and long-range strategies and how best to execute these to maximize the group’s success through delivering innovative and value for money solutions to the customers.

“Our digital services and technology platforms power over 200 websites, intranets, secure portals, and stakeholder management solutions.”

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