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We are trusted by organisations globally to protect critical information: Clearswift

We are trusted by organisations globally to protect critical information: Clearswift

The Internet has revolutionized the way the world does business on both a local and global level. From collaborating with customers and partners, to recruiting employees to gathering data on the competition, the way businesses utilize the Internet are numerous, as are the benefits of the Internet to the business community. Alongside, the internet can be easily misemployed through cybercrime which is a global issue plaguing the world and, the ‘insider’ has become the biggest threat to organizations for data loss across digital collaboration channels.

With the help of Email and Websecurity and data loss prevention solutions, businesses can avoid malicious intent and inadvertent data loss through email, shared files and the internet.

Clearswift is trusted by businesses, governments and defense organizations globally for its Adaptive CyberSecurity and Data Loss Prevention solutions. Clearswift technologies provide an unparalleled layer of inspection, sanitization and threat prevention for safe and secure collaboration across email, web and cloud applications.

Clearswift’s history can be traced back to 1982 . A company called Net-Tel which launched the first email application for MS-DOS before moving onto providing email solutions for both Windows and UNIX in 1990. As technology evolved, the company changed its direction to address the growing issue of malware in email, with an email content filtering solution. MIMEsweeper was the first solution of its type, coming to market in 1995 before being spun out into its own company. Content Technology was acquired by Baltimore Technologies in 2000, before changing hands once again to become Clearswift in 2002.

In 2006, the replacement to MIME sweeper was released, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway. By this time, the company had diversified into providing filtering for the web as well as for email. While the business was primarily focused on industry sectors of finance, government, and defense, a niche market had been developed for ultra-secure solutions. This division, Deep Secure, was subject to a management buyout in 2009 allowing Clearswift to concentrate on its commercial products moving forwards.

Lyceum Capital acquired Clearswift in 2011 and invested in new management and product development resources. 2013 saw the release of both new products as well as new functionality, Adaptive Redaction, in the Gateway solutions. Lyceum backed two acquisitions, to enable Clearswift to move from being an email/ web hygiene vendor into a higher value-add Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution provider is now recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise DLP. The investment resulted in an integrated endpoint (Windows) DLP solution and Information Governance solution.

At the end of 2016, it was announced that Clearswift had once again changed hands, with the deal being finalized in early 2017. RUAG, a Swiss defense company with a turnover of more than 2BN CHF and 8,500 employees, had acquired Clearswift with a view to building a new cyber-security business unit turning over 100M+ CHF by 2020. RUAG’s Cyber Security expertise was in consulting, from security architecture to hands-on cyber-attack simulation and training. Furthermore, it had a network-based cyber security product, which was complementary to the Clearswift products. Moving forward, the new RUAG CyberSecurity business unit will be able to offer world-class products alongside world-class consulting to enable customers to have a complete solution including both cybersecurity products and services.

While Clearswift has changed hands several times over the past 20+ years, its core focus of providing email and web security for its customers has remained. Investment in engineering has and continues to ensure that the solutions it creates remain both innovative and competitive in the market.

To learn more about the firm we conversed with Heath Davies, CEO

What is your company’s vision statement? And to what extent are you successful in achieving the same?

“RUAG Cyber Security aims to secure IT infrastructures by delivering products and services to protect critical information 100% of the time.”

Clearswift releases around 3-4 updates to its core product suite every year. Working closely with our customers, we constantly develop our products to provide the most up to date inbound threat protection and outbound adaptive data loss prevention features to combat today’s evolving information borne threats across all digital collaboration channels - email, web, cloud applications and the endpoint.

How are you One-off in the cybersecurity market?

Clearswift has been around for a long time and our technology portfolio has grown significantly since the company was founded back in 1982 where it was offering solely email security (MIMEsweeper) at the time. Today, our technology suite includes email, web, endpoint and information governance products which empower organizations to gain visibility and take control of critical data through an integrated approach across their digital collaboration channels.

There are two things that make Clearswift stand out from the crowd in the cyber security market:

  • The first would be our unique Adaptive Redaction features that are built into our email and web products. Adaptive Redaction enables organizations with simultaneous protection from inbound cyber- attacks and outbound sensitive data loss, stringently safeguarding critical information and mitigating the risk of data breaches occurring.
  • The second would be that our products can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or to ‘complement’ existing IT infrastructure. With Clearswift, organizations don’t have to ‘rip and replace’ technology that’s already in place, but rather augment it with Adaptive security and DLP features for added protection against information borne threats. Our flag-ship SECURE Email Gateway can be deployed on-premise, as a Hosted solution or to wrap around an Office 365 platform, enhancing data protection and threat prevention to the highest level.

Our Endpoint product enables organizations to gain visibility of where all sensitive data is located across their network and protect sensitive data and files from leaving the company unauthorized. And finally, our Information Governance solution aids organizations to lock down the most sensitive or confidential of files, ensuring only those who are authorized to access or share that information can.

What are your company’s key success factors?

Our People- At Clearswift, we’re constantly on the look-out for world-class talent and people that are aligned to our company values. Our ability to select the right people to join our organization enables our teams to effectively collaborate and drive business growth. And, our Health and Well Being and Event Machine programmes enable us to create a harmonious and fun environment to retain our passionate and talented people.

Our Technology- The Clearswift Research and Development Team of 70 strong is continually innovating and developing our technology and solutions to ensure we keep ahead of the threat landscape and remain a leader in our field. Our technology is recognized by analysts including the Gartner Magic Quadrant and we’re constantly winning awards for our products and solutions.

Our Customers- Clearswift works hard to retain and closely collaborate with our customer base. Our customers are regularly touched by all divisions from Support, Renewals, Product Management, Sales, Marketing and Executive visits, digital communication channels, face-to-face meetings, and events scheduled throughout the year.

Our Partners- Clearswift has a global reseller base of 900 with a strong ‘Catalyst’ Partner Program. Our team works closely with our partners on customer and prospective customer activities throughout the year. We also offer a range of onsite and online Training Courses for partners to keep up to date with Clearswift messaging, the capabilities of Clearswift products and how to sell them in the marketplace.

What is the reason behind your significant growth?

Keeping in contact with customers and their changing business practices and needs ensures that our product development remains aligned with the real world. There is always a mixture of tactical as well as a strategic development which occurs. People trust people, so time is spent to ensure that all aspects of the business put the customer first, from the people in reception to those in finance to support, sales, marketing and our engineering organization. Understanding our customers is what drives our growth.

Embrace the ace

Heath Davies is the CEO of Clearswift and Senior Vice President of RUAG Cyber Security with a particular expertise in driving substantial revenue growth by building strategic customer/partner engagements that deliver real customer advantage. Heath joined Clearswift in October 2012 and brought with him a wealth of experience in compliance, data, and analytics. Heath has worked for a variation of enterprise corporations in the UK, Mainland Europe, North America, Australia, Vietnam, China, India and South Africa. Before joining Clearswift, Heath was CEO of Alterian PLC and Sword Group where he oversaw the profitable growth in multi-millions of both companies. Heath holds a BEng (Hons) from University of Greenwich, London and is a UKgineering Council Scholarship winner.

“Clearswift technology provides simultaneous protection from cyber-attacks and data leaks, protecting critical information and ensuring secure collaboration online.”

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