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We create more opportunities for your store associates to provide customers with an exceptional retail experience: Reflexis

We create more opportunities for your store associates to provide customers with an exceptional retail experience: Reflexis

The Reflexis cloud-based Real-Time Store Operations Platform helps retailers simplify store operations, provide improved line of sight for field managers, and streamline corporate processes. Reflexis store execution (task management, store auditing, real-time execution), labor operations (workforce management, employee self service, time and attendance), mobility, and analytics solutions enable retailers to unleash the power of store associates, giving them more opportunities for customer engagement, providing customers with a more consistent brand experience.

Since 2001, Reflexis has helped more than 250 of the world’s best retailers improve store-level execution and drive quantifiable business value and significant ROI.

Reflexis is your helping hand

Retail is undergoing its most drastic change yet. Customers expect a flawless experience enhanced by mobile-friendly websites, omni-channel services, experiential store design, and other modern technologies. E-commerce is on the rise, with the convenience of retailers like Amazon threatening to cut further into the business of traditional retailers.

At the same time, stores today are inundated with outdated communication methods, such as email, phone calls, and three-ring binders. Store managers have to use dozens of disparate, store-facing, legacy systems in order to manage store operations, keeping them off the sales floor and away from customers. Labor budgets are largely static, leaving retailers to do more work without more store associates.

Retail in Real-Time

Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager streamlines corporate-to-store communications and allows stores to respond to system-generated as well as IoT-generated alerts with best practice actions, thereby helping retailers drive competitive advantage from their brick-and-mortar stores.

Real-Time Task Manager provides retailers with a seamless way to simplify work for stores.

Integrate with a Wide Variety of Solutions: Integrate Real-Time Task Manager with other Reflexis solutions, as well as third-party technologies such as POS, supply chain, HR, merchandising, and more.

Create a Single Place for All Tasks: Real-Time Task Manager streamlines the delivery of corporate-generated, field-generated, system-generated, as well as IoT-generated tasks. It provides store managers with one place to manage everything that could impact customer service, allowing them to respond using best-practices.

Prioritize Tasks: Filter and optimize tasks that are system-generated and IoT-generated so that the most impactful ones are sent to store managers and associates, ensuring that they are completing work with the highest potential return on investment.

Workforce Manager™ (Budgeting, Forecasting, and Scheduling)

The best workforce scheduling solution is one that your Store Managers never have to look at. Instead of having Store Managers build and tweak schedules, your solution should provide Store Managers with an optimized schedule. Your scheduling system should learn from your stores, understand the life of your associates, and adapt to optimize your store schedules so that Store Managers don’t have to change anything. If Susan, from deli, has to drop her son to football practice every Saturday afternoon, your workforce management solution should keep that in mind when generating schedules. In the rare event that your Store Manager has to use the solution, it should take two clicks for them to accomplish anything they need. In a perfect world, this is all scheduling would take.

Now that you have heard company’s vision, see the results:

  • McDonald’s UK saw schedule generation times reduce from 8 hours per store per week to 1 hour per store per week, saving 420,000 hours. The Quick Serve Restaurant chain also saw labor as a percentage of sales go down by 0.4%, saving over $5.2 million annually
  • Vera Bradley saw a 2 point conversion rate increase and saw payroll costs go down by 6 percent

Case studies to highlight the success


As AutoZone expanded, having a large workforce in multiple countries required a labor scheduling and time and attendance system with more capabilities than their legacy solution. AutoZone was able to solve these labor operations problems by implementing Reflexis Workforce Manager™ and Reflexis Time and Attendance™.

Today they are able to generate accurate forecasts accounting for various store characteristics, generate schedules complying with country, state, and local laws, and have improved reporting around employee clock-in and clock-outs.


As its workforce grew, Belk determined that implementing a centralized workforce management solution was a critical component in effectively managing store labor, improving associate and shopper engagement, and providing a higher quality of work-life for employees.

To reach these goals, Belk implemented Reflexis Workforce Manager™ (budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling) as well as Reflexis Advanced Analytics and Reporting™. Using these solutions they were able to see an 80 basis point increase in sales and a 500 basis point lift in customer service scores, as well as better tie labor spend to customer traffic.

“Reflexis has helped more than 250 of the world’s retailers improve store-level execution”


American Eagle Wins Top Innovators Award for Enhancing Store Operations with Reflexis Task Manager.

Barry Esposito from Belk makes the RIS News Pacesetters 2017 list for using Reflexis solutions to improve profitability and customer experience.

Reflexis Customer, Luxottica wins Award for Using Innovative Technology to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience.

Meet Prashanth Palakurthi

Prashanth Palakurthi is the CEO and the founder of Reflexis Systems. He founded the company in 2001 and with his team of co-founders pioneered the category of Retail Execution Management solutions that enable companies to simplify store operations and consistently execute labor operations and customer engagement strategies.

Prashanth is a double graduate with Masters in Mathematics and Management Studies from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences in India.

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