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YYC Tech Consulting: Solving Technology Problems

YYC Tech Consulting: Solving Technology Problems

Technology is a tricky space to be involved in as innovations are happening at a breakneck speed. There are more launches of products and services in the present day than there have been at any time in the entire timeline of human history. Understandably, businesses require the guidance and expertise of tech luminaries like Jonathan M. Hartney and YYC Tech Consulting to achieve their technology goals. “I work with business leaders and owners to help them solve technology problems,” says Jonathan M. Hartney, Founder and CEO of YYC Tech Consulting.

YYC Tech Consulting was founded by Jonathan M. Hartney in 2010. But before founding the company, he managed technology projects for multiple large companies. Eventually, he began his stint as a consultant. It was as a consultant that he discovered his love of working with companies and helping them accomplish their technology goals. Although he began his career by carrying out youth work, he became an entrepreneur and has been in the technology industry for over 13 years.

Delivering Value with YYC Tech Consulting

YYC Tech Consulting has been one of the best consulting companies in the world that specialize in project/program delivery, organizational change management, business intelligence and analytics, and operational excellence. It works to solve business problems by providing valuable planning, expertise, and analysis that helps companies save a lot of funds when investing in technology. “Technology is typically a huge investment with a lot of complex decision-making aspects, one of my jobs is to lead individuals and companies through these processes,” explains the founder and CEO.

YYC Tech Consulting prides itself on having the ethic that allows it to work together with its clients to understand their needs. It brings to the table a fit for purpose approach and delivers solutions for achieving the desired business outcomes. With a proven track record of delivering complex and high-risk projects that are handled by a cross-disciplinary senior consulting team, YYC Tech Consulting delivers projects across 4 continents.

With expertise across core project capabilities, we help clients mine the value from tighter linkages between operations and projects, innovations and technology, and strategy and the organization. We work at all levels of the organization, with equal credibility in the C-suite, the back office, and frontline operations. From combined decades of transformation experience, we understand how to make change happen and keep implementation on track to achieve rapid and enduring impact,” states Jonathan.

Another major pain point that YYC Tech Consulting addresses is the unity and adoption of the technology that a business has invested in amongst staff and stakeholders. While organizations organically grow around strong experts and the processes they develop, it is a complex task to re-engineer these processes into a new software solution, especially when processes are entrenched in day-to-day operations. YYC Tech works with such organizations to develop a strategy and a very strong technology offering in terms of interface, design, usability, and much more. “You can guide people to a way of working, but the keys to ongoing adoption are an appealing interface, low resistance processes, and simplified work structures. In other words, demonstrating and proving how you can make someone’s job easier will always have a lasting appeal,” reflects the CEO.

COVID-19 and YYC

The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the business sphere across the globe. As the countries prepare themselves for an upcoming recession and negative growth, it is critical that businesses understand the pain of being in business during these trying times. Identifying this need of falling back on the fundamentals of business and project management, YYC Tech Consulting has offered its premium services at discounted rates to help businesses deal with the downturn in their sales.

The company has especially taken up more projects that help its clients with physical distancing at the workplace. YYC Tech’s services in these times have spanned from providing contactless restaurant solutions to providing solutions for increased security for remote access and better productivity with distributed teams. “Let’s face it, we’re all in this together, and it’s best to help to improve our collective situation through collaboration, cooperation, and leadership,” says the CEO.

The Entrepreneurial Leader

Jonathan M. Hartney, Founder and CEO

A recognized leader in the entrepreneurial circles, he was recently named as a Top 100 Canadian Professional. A natural entrepreneur with a passion for technology, he has founded multiple companies in the technology space. In his career, Jonathan has held many titles including SharePoint expert, business analyst, enterprise project manager, blockchain innovator, cryptocurrency consultant and more. Apart from being the Founder and CEO of YYC Tech Consulting, he also serves the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) as the director of the board.

He has a diploma in Information Technology from Lethbridge College and a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. He also holds a master’s certificate in Business Analysis from Villanova University in Pennsylvania as well as a blockchain certificate from the University of Oxford.

“With expertise across core project capabilities, we help clients mine the value from tighter linkages between operations and projects, innovations and technology, and strategy and the organization.”

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