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ZipZyme™: Best Omega-3 Nutrition for Your Pets

ZipZyme™: Best Omega-3 Nutrition for Your Pets

DHA is the most important Omega-3 fatty acid that offers wide-ranging health benefits to an animal’s skin, coat, cognition, immune function, vitality, mobility, reduction of inflammation, and allergic reactions. Yet, DHA is a critically missing nutrient in most modern pet diets. ZipZyme™ is the only Omega-3 product that is not extracted oil and preserves the activity of the algae’s metabolic enzymes. Think about it this way: before the 1960s, everything was natural and made from scratch.

During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a shift from natural and made-from scratch to processed-for-convenience. Due to this, not only was the food we ate affected, but our textiles too (remember polyesters). After decades of eating foods that are overly processed with too much sugar, our public health is suffering, life expectancies are decreasing, and a host of “modern illnesses” or lifestyle illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity have dramatically increased in both the human and pet populations. ZipZyme™’s unique enzymatic activity is critical to restoring metabolic health that has suffered from decades of consuming ultra processed foods.

ZipZyme™, created by PhytoSmart, is an excellent nutritional therapeutic to complement a pet’s regular food diet and a pet’s best bet for an active and vital prolonged life. We recently interviewed Deena Sisitsky, Co-Founder and CEO of PhytoSmart, to learn about the company’s work. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. What was the motivation behind starting ZipZyme™?

Our motivation was to provide a better, cleaner, safer, more highly bio available source of Omega-3 DHA. Initially, we planned to extract the oil as the industry does, though directly from algal cells. However, during our almost 5 year development period to perfect our now patented Sterile Plastic Algal Growing System (SPAGS), we had an “aha” moment. We decided to preserve the algae’s metabolic enzymes that enabled their internal production of DHA not by extracting the oil, but by growing, harvesting and packaging the fresh whole cell biomass. Fish oil producers extract and then purify the Omega 3 oil using heat which destroys the algal metabolic enzymes. Instead, ZipZyme™ is grown, harvested and packaged at ambient temperatures directly from algae that enable us to preserve the algal enzymatic activity. So, in addition to all the benefits you would get from extracted Omega-3 DHA oil, the enzymes work not only to multiply the amount of DHA after consumption, but to directly convert glucose in the body to healthy DHA-laden fats that stop the accumulation of unhealthy saturated fats which are the gateway to what we now call modern illnesses or lifestyle illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

How do you conceive, create, and introduce unique nutritional products to the world? Tell us in brief about the processes involved.

We rely on the modern day equivalent of word-of-mouth approach to digitally reach the consuming public by growing our presence on social media and streaming platforms. We use the endorsement of influencers, veterinary, consumer and scientific, to promote ZipZyme™ and educate the populace about its many benefits via initiatives and materials developed by our creative team.

Q. How do you maintain exclusivity in the marketplace?

We patented our sterile bioreactor system that grows the algae into a biomass. PhytoSmart is the only Omega-3 producer that preserves the algae’s metabolic enzymes active and intact. No competitive extracted Omega-3 oil product offers the added enzymatic benefits we do. The enzymes in ZipZyme™ convert glucose to healthy DHA-laden fats that stop the accumulation of unhealthy saturated fats. These fats are the gateway to so many “modern illnesses”

Q. What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation at PhytoSmart means always thinking about how to improve/adapt ZipZyme™ to help pet parents improve their pet’s health, well-being and vitality throughout every life stage. We concentrate on such matters like ease of use improvements and new product variations.

We continue to expand our line of proprietary products that are beneficial to the pet world (and eventually humans). Our soon to be introduced dried product format will offer increased convenience without the need to keep the product cold (our initial product introduction requires refrigeration to maintain freshness). Because of our patented sterile bioreactor system, we will be able to expand into additional species of ocean algae to offer products that address a broader variety of pet nutritional needs.

Q. What is the role of ethics in the supplements industry? How important is it for ZipZyme™?

We want to stress that ZipZyme™ is not a supplement in the traditional sense, but a “nutritional therapeutic” that repairs as it protects. ZipZyme™’s enzymatic activity actually facilitates DHA production within the animal’s body. Upholding ethics, transparency, and sustainability are ever-present tenets that we follow in the production and promotion of ZipZyme™. We are what we say we are, and we do what we say we do. Our word is our bond. We are thoughtful in our decisions, taking care to weigh the costs against any benefits derived.

Q. What does the road ahead look like for ZipZyme™ and PhytoSmart?

PhytoSmart’sZipZyme™ is a unique biotherapeutic platform for a nutrient that has broad applications because all multi-celled organisms need and benefit from DHA in their diets. Only certain species of single cell ocean algae can produce the needed DHA. We will be expanding a line of ZipZyme™ products for aquaria, poultry, farm animals, (eggs and milk that naturally include DHA), as aqua and agrifeeds, and eventually for humans. The first addition to our line is ZipZymeKrumble™, our soon to be introduced dried product.

About the Leader

Deena Sisitsky, Co-Founder and CEO

Deena has a proven executive management track record driving growth in the pharmaceutical and technology industries. She developed and implemented awareness of a “new to market” specialized infectious disease drug. She oversaw forecasting, budgeting, created nationwide physician focus groups, ad agency engagement and interface, soliciting, supervising and publishing the results of clinical studies, while overseeing the regulatory approval process during a global epidemic.

“Innovation at PhytoSmart means always thinking about how to improve/ adapt ZipZyme™ to help pet parents improve their pet’s health, well-being and vitality throughout every life stage.”

"PhytoSmart’sZipZyme™ is a unique bio therapeutic nutritious platform that has broad applications because all multi-celled organisms need and benefit from DHA in their diets."

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