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October Special Edition 2023

Pioneering enzyme-based healthcare

Pioneering enzyme-based healthcare

Fighting antibiotic resistance and enhancing global well-being

Biotechnology companies specializing in enzyme-based solutions are integral to the advancement of healthcare. A notable example is ZymIQ Technology, an emerging Swedish life science corporation contributing to a healthier global community through their innovative enzyme research and technology.

ZymIQ is at the forefront of enzyme innovation, developing targeted therapeutics and cosmetics that enhance the health and well-being of both humans and animals. Their research is geared towards addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance by creating distinctive antimicrobial products.

“Our inspiration is to make a positive impact on the lives of both humans and animals. With the establishment of ZymIQ, our mission is to actively combat addressed issues by offering innovative solutions for improved health that complement or replace antibiotic treatments,” says Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO of ZymIQ, in an exclusive interview with CIO bulletin.

Combating Global Health Challenges

The healthcare industry confronts a multitude of challenges, such as drug resistance and existing and emerging microbial infections. To these issues, ZymIQ’s enzyme technology presents an encouraging solution.       

ZymIQ’s journey began in 2020 with the collaboration of dedicated scientists, veterinarians, and entrepreneurs, all united by a mutual passion for unlocking the potential of enzymes in health products.

Prior to the establishment of ZymIQ, significant time and effort were invested into the research of their now patent-pending enzyme technology. Today, ZymIQ offers powerful enzyme products for both human and animal use, with additional products under development.

“We’re guided by the principle ‘You Can't Stress Perfection.’ That’s why our enzyme technology took years to develop,” says Michael Edelborg Christensen.

Working with Humans’ Natural Defenses

ZymIQ’s enzyme-based products consist of hydrolytic enzymes in a low-water activity solution that is stable during storage and then activates upon application to the skin or mucosa.

The enzymes can either establish a protective barrier to reduce microbial adhesion and inflammation, and accelerate the healing process, or they can directly target and break down bacteria, functioning in a manner similar to antibiotics but through enzymatic action.

The innovative patent-pending technology constitutes a shift in the possibility to treat health issues, with the following benefits:

  • Natural hydrolytic enzymes that promote a healthy microbiome and improve biodiversity.
  • Solutions that are clinically proven and free from harsh synthetic chemicals or alcohol.
  • Therapeutics that complement or replace antibiotic treatments.

Enzyme-based Innovations in Animal Health

Having observed the apparent effects of enzyme-based solutions in human applications, ZymIQ extended their research to develop an animal product line named Kalzyme. Their aim was clear: to develop a world-leading enzyme technology that aligns with the biological systems of pets to deliver reliable results.Card image cap

“As veterinarians, we’ve grown tired of redundant products with poor results. We developed a new sustainable innovation to improve the way we treat our pet’s dental and dermal challenges," says Dr. Alissa Rexo.

Alissa Rexo, DVM and member of the AAVD, recognized the need for safe and effective solutions for her animal patients. Many products available on the market promised immediate relief but were either ineffective or adversely affected the pet’s long-term health. Instead, she wanted safe, reliable products that worked with the pet’s own natural defenses.

Together scientists and veterinarians developed Kalzyme with its gentle and natural ingredients enhancing the potency and efficiency of the enzyme.

“Our pets are an integral part of our families. As such, we demand nothing short of the best for them. Our motto, ‘Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science,’ summarizes our approach perfectly. We harness safe, natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to promote health benefits for both humans and our pets,” explains Dr. Rexo.

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with a Proactive Approach

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies antibiotic resistance as a significant global threat to health and safety.

Antibiotic resistance is a complex process that develops over time as bacteria evolve mechanisms to resist the effects of antibiotics.

Conventional antibiotics work by targeting bacteria, either killing them or inhibiting their growth, using various methods to disrupt crucial bacterial cell processes. These methods work only on growing bacteria, not on dormant ones.

ZymIQ’s technology platform offers a solution to these challenges. It uses enzymes to directly hydrolyze bacterial cell walls, leading to cell lysis. This process is quick and doesn’t rely on bacterial growth. This distinction is the primary reason why enzyme-based antibiotics have a significantly lower potential for inducing bacterial resistance.

Acquisition of a Phage-Based Vaccine

To strengthen their position in the fight against antibiotic resistance, ZymIQ recently acquired a phage-based product from a Philadelphia-based company

The phage-based product activates the immune system to kill bacteria and readily reduces the need for antibiotic treatment.

ZymIQ Technology’s Core Competencies

Card image cap

ZymIQ’s business concept is a unique blend of enzyme engineering, medical expertise, and partnerships.

Enzyme engineering: ZymIQ’s enzyme engineering expertise allows them to develop and optimize enzymes for specific applications in cosmetics and therapeutics. This competency enables them to create unique and high-performance enzymes.

Human and animal medical expertise: ZymIQ’s involvement in the early stages of product development secures benefits for the end user.

Collaborative partnerships: ZymIQ forms strategic partnerships with industry leaders, academic institutions, and research organizations.

ZymIQ operates in four sectors:

  • Oral care products (DentaPrev)
  • Advanced cosmetic formulations (fjör)
  • Animal healthcare products for dental and dermal care (Kalzyme)
  • Human and animal drugs (vaccine): a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics for the treatment of staphylococcal infections

Q. What’s Next?

Global well-being impact: ZymIQ’s mission is to enhance the lives of people and animals around the world. Both now and in the future, they will expand their portfolio even more through their innovative solutions.

Nasdaq listing ambition: ZymIQ is working toward a listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange by 2024.

Staphylococcus resistance: As part of their ongoing mission, one of their goals is to combat and cure both human and animal cases of resistant staphylococcus infections.

With their sights set on a Nasdaq listing in the forthcoming year and multiple product introductions on the horizon, we’re likely to see a lot more of ZymIQ in the future.

“Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering. Stay connected and follow us on LinkedIn to join our journey toward a healthier tomorrow!” concludes Michael Edelborg Christensen.

ZymIQ Technology | Leadership

Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO of ZymIQ Technology, is a globally-focused entrepreneur with a strong track record. With international CEO experience, he has successfully increased shareholding value in both privately and publicly held companies across various industries. Notably, he led another life science company through a successful IPO, resulting in a tenfold increase in share value within a short timeframe. During his leadership, the company’s Market Cap surpassed $100 million.

Mats Clarsund, CTO of ZymIQ Technology, is an expert in market and scientific-oriented drug and medical device development. His extensive experience covers the entire spectrum, from early drug discovery to the successful introduction and expansion of medical device products.

Erik Rexo, CRO of ZymIQ Technology, is a seasoned revenue growth strategist and Go-to-Market expert with an entrepreneurial drive. Having a strong track record of successfully launching over 120 new products, services, and innovations across Fortune 100 companies in the last two decades, he is now responsible for leading ZymIQ’s product commercialization and for overseeing distribution efforts in North America.

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“Our motto, ‘Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science,’ summarizes our approach perfectly. We harness safe, natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to promote health benefits for both humans and our pets.”

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