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Android Phones to be Part of Android Earthquake Detection System


Android Phones to be Part of Android Earthquake Detection System

All around the world earthquakes happen every single day. It is important to have early warning systems to warn the people in the earthquake-prone zones if there is a big one coming. But Google feels that the public infrastructure is simply not equipped adequately to alert everyone. So, it has come with an innovative solution for this.

Google says that your Android phone can now act as a tiny seismometer. All smartphones today come equipped with accelerometers. They can sense signals that may indicate an earthquake. According to Google, this feature can be used to send a signal to the company’s earthquake detection server coupled with the rough location of the shaking. The server could then combine the information from many phones to narrow down if the earthquake is happening. Thus, this will help in the agile coverage of an earthquake.

This technology will show you where an earthquake is happening when you search “earthquake” or “earthquake near me” on Google. It will also show the resources that could help you in an earthquake scenario.

Google on its blog wrote: “We’ve worked with globally-renowned seismology and disaster experts Dr. Richard Allen, Dr. Qingkai Kong and Dr. Lucy Jones to develop this crowdsourced approach for detecting earthquakes all around the world.”

Google is making this live starting today. Your Android phone will be part of the Android Earthquake Alerts System- world’s largest earthquake detection network.

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