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Android Enterprise Recommended Adds More Partners


Android Enterprise Recommended Adds More Partners

Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended has become a critical tool for many of its enterprise customers. It helps them evaluate and approve devices that meet Google’s requirements for hardware, software, and updates. Google’s list provides flexibility to its clients, which are even more pressing during COVID.

Google launched Android Enterprise Recommended was launched in 2018. It was introduced with seven manufacturers initially. Now, the program has expanded to more than 30 global partners. Recently, it included Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi too. Google yesterday announced that it is now welcoming Samsung Galaxy devices into the program.

Google on its blog wrote: “Samsung has been a key player in the mobile enterprise space for many years, and we’re excited to have them on board as we make it easier for customers transitioning to a mobile workforce. We look forward to recommending Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to our enterprise customers to provide them with great devices for security, efficiency and productivity.”

Google is updating the requirements in the program every year to bring more value to its customers. This year, the company says that it is releasing updates for Android 11 that focus on tighter hardware specifications. The updates will come to the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory to help customers identify devices best suited to their needs.

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