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Roku now available in Apple Watch


Roku now available in Apple Watch

Roku streaming devices earlier allowed its users to control their streaming device with the help of a mobile app instead of the remote control. From now on, you don’t even need an app to control, instead, it comes to your Apple Watch directly.

Roku app has a variety of features to offer for the set-top box, Smart TV and streaming stick owners. For example, the ability to listen to TV audio through headphones connected to the mobile. Amazon’s Fire TV platform also offers similar control capabilities.

But this requires you to take out your smartphone, unlock it and then access the app. The streaming app is inclined to make it much easier than it is by adding these features to the Apple Watch. Anyone who owns an iPhone and an Apple Watch that is running on the latest 6.1.3 version will be able to see the Roku app on Apple’s wearable.

If available, you could easily navigate through the tiny on-screen remote to control and make selections. The Apple Watch offers functionalities like pause/play, a button for going back and a home button. It also helps you find a lost remote control (applicable model) through its remote finder support and also has a voice search support for accessing apps, changing the input and searching content.

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