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Apple is set for software updates across its product range


Apple is set for software updates across its product range

Apple is on its toes to make its products function better for the users who are living through a broad range of mental and physical illness. The firm’s recently released SignTime sign language interpreter service will launch in France, US and UK. The service enables customers to interact with AppleCare in American Sign Language (ASL) in the US and British Sign Language (BSL) in the UK, and French Sign Language (LSF) in France with the help of a web browser.

Apple Watch’s AssistiveTouch seems to be quite effective. Apple is yet to announce which watch versions can enable the feature but the company uses the watch's built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to help "customers with limb differences" interact with the device using pinch and fist clench gestures.

AssistiveTouch is said to have combined sensor data and on-device machine learning to identify minute muscle movements, which will then allow users to take control of a cursor on the watch display, access Notification Center, Control Center, accept or reject calls, and track workouts. All the process is possible without touching the Apple Watch screen.

This is not all! Another alluring feature is Background Sounds, this aids neurodiverse people mask overwhelming sounds by playing continuous "balanced, bright, or dark noise, as well as ocean, rain, or stream sounds". Apple touched upon features in the pipeline for release later this year. It will let users with limited mobility and speech make sounds to perform physical button actions.

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