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Google Assistant can reveal your Tile's last location


Google Assistant can reveal your Tile's last location

Google Assistant can now help you find your misplaced items like keys, purse, wallet and more with the help of Tile’s Bluetooth tracker.

With the new integration, Google Assistant users can now ask Nest devices about the whereabouts of their misplaced items. Also, it is possible to ask the mobile assistant to ring their device by saying things like “Hey Google, make my bag ring.” And if you own a Nest device, Google Assistant can do more than just ring the item, it can be more specific and tell you about the room in which the object was last found and at what time.

Tile app utilizes its large network of Tile app users as a crowd-finding platform when items go missing. The company has sold over 22 million Tile devices worldwide and is locating around 5 million items per day in more than 230 countries.

Tile’s latest Google Assistant integration is just one of the latest upgrades and recently it launched the first-ever-laptop with a built-in Tile. Although Tile is now making a large entry into the Bluetooth tracker business, Apple is already up for competition.

Google’s partnership with Tile was announced last year and the partnership is critical for Tile especially because of Apple’s entry with its AirTags. According to some sources, Apple is likely to reveal the product by the first half of 2020. Supposedly, Apple’s AirTags are much superior to Tiles offering ultra-wideband that has greater accuracy than Bluetooth LE.


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