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Google Maps gets Incognito mode for iOS


Google Maps gets Incognito mode for iOS

Google had announced that Incognito mode will be coming to Google Maps at the I/O developer conference that was held in May. Now, the feature is finally here for the iOS devices.

The Incognito mode for the iOS works pretty much the same way it does on Android. In the Incognito mode, the places users search for or navigate will not be saved to the Google account. This means that they will not be seeing any personalized features within Maps. For example, there will be no restaurant recommendations based on the places they have been to previously.

The Incognito mode on the iOS phone will not update the Location History and so the places a user visits will not be saved to the Timeline.

Also, Google has announced a bulk delete option for the Timeline. Timeline is a tool that uses a user’s Location History to remember the places visited and routes taken. Users can now bulk delete multiple places from their Timeline.

The user will still be able to delete all of the Timeline and part of the Timeline based on a date range from the Location History Settings.

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