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Google Pay Gets Major Updates


Google Pay Gets Major Updates

Google Pay helps over 150 million people all around the globe make online payments. But the Google payments app felt that there was something more to be done to help these people stay on top of their payments and finances. Today, it is taking an important step to ‘make money simple, secure and helpful.’

Google is now rolling out a redesigned Google Pay app on Android and iOS. The redesign has focused on the users' relationships with people and businesses. The company says that the redesign will help the users save money and provide them with insights to control their spending. The redesigned app is being rolled out in the U.S. first.

Focus on Payment Relationships

The app will now focus on the friends and businesses users transact with most frequently. Everything is organized around conversations. Users can split dinner, rent, or other expenses with more than one person as the brand new design rolls out. Google Pay will also help users do the math on who owes how much.

Save Money and Redeem Easily

The brand new Google Pay is also making saving money and redeeming easier. Users will no longer have to clip coupons or copy-paste promo code to use these avenues. Now, the users can simply look up offers from brands on the app and activate them with a single tap, and they will be automatically applied when they pay in-store or online.

The app will also provide a new way to search across user transactions. Google blog said: “ [..] you can search for “food,” “last month,” or “Mexican restaurants” and Google Pay will instantly find the relevant transactions.”

Enhanced Security

Redesigned Google Pay will provide its users the ability to turn on/off the setting that allows the app to provide a personalized experience, which uses the user’s transaction history.

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