Alexa Google's Pixel phones will soon receive new ‘feature drop'
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Google's Pixel phones will soon receive new ‘feature drop'


Google's Pixel phones will soon receive new ‘feature drop'

Google has plans to introduce some major changes and updates in its Pixel devices with ‘feature drops’. The latest ‘feature drop’ has a host of big additions and will be rolled out in March.

The new ‘feature drop’ will be introduced in the Pixel phones. To start with, the update enables the Pixel owners to use a tap gesture to pause or resume music and not just swipe to skip back or forward. This update will prove to be very helpful in situations when the user is caught up in some other task and can’t fidget around with the phone.

Apart from this, the user can press and hold the power button to swipe through the payment cards, passes and tickets stored in Google Play. They can set the dark theme that will automatically kick in with sunset. Meanwhile, Pixel 3, 3A and 4 owners in 11 countries can take a screenshot of a flight’s boarding pass barcode to add it to Google Play.

Not just this, there are few other less crucial yet convenient additions. In Pixel 4, the front facing camera can create images with depth while adaptive brightness will temporarily light up the phone screen when it is under the sun. Pixel phones now have a total of 169 more emojis that depicts wider ranges of gender, skin and couple combos.

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