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Polls on Instagram now?


Polls on Instagram now?

The Stories on Instagram has attracted millions of users every day. Now, the Facebook-owned company has come up with something to make things more interesting and interactive. Instagram has rolled out a new polling feature that users can add with a “poll” sticker.

Polls could make Instagram Stories more interactive instead of something you rapidly fast-forward through. With the changes that Instagram keeps bringing, one could almost hope for multiple-choice questions and answers to show up beyond the existing binary choices.

Cast your Polls

Adding polls is similar to any other sticker on Instagram: just drag and drop it onto your image in your story, and you’ll automatically be presented with the option to customize the question and choices.  

People viewing your story will be able to tap on a choice to vote, which will then show the overall results so far. To see the results for yourself, simply open up the viewer’s list for that image or video on your story, and it will show you total vote numbers, who voted, and what they chose.

It could be said that Instagram is becoming closer to a mobile Photoshop with its new color dropper feature! And it’s not just features from Snapchat that are popping up on Instagram, but also features built by smaller startups. This only ensures that Instagram puts user-experience first before anything else!

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