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iOS 10 complications that will preclude you to buy one!


iOS 10 complications that will preclude you to buy one!

iOS is known for a lot of innovations but, there is also a bane... Perplexed? Yes, there are drawbacks in this too… Any new updates crash iPhone we tell you what’s happening...

Why do you feel like to avert iPhone? Here we say why:

  • It takes away your time in updating. It seems it takes forever to update, it probably takes around 30 minutes to update 500 MB and not only this, battery drain also is a vital concern now because just in an hour battery discharges from 100% to 50%.
  • There is a problem in the button used to put their iPhone or iPad to sleep, and to wake it up, isn't working in iOS 10.
  • When you update to iOS 10 you tend to lose signal and phone stops reconnecting to a network albeit moving to a place where you find signal.
  • If you've updated to iOS 10 and your iPhone loses signal, you may find that the phone can't reconnect to a network afterwards, even when moving into an area where you know you receive signal.

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