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iOS 13.3 update rolls out with a number of fixes


iOS 13.3 update rolls out with a number of fixes

The latest iOS 13.3 update from Apple rolled out with fixes for several apps. The update is available for all iPhone devices with proper hardware requirements. According to Apple, there will be improvements in Screen Time, Apple News and Stocks.

There are updates for most-used apps like Safari which will now enable NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2 compliant security keys. The phone app too had a minor bug, where a missed call notification would not clear off even after it was checked. Also, the issue with Photos app was fixed, where cropping or editing the screenshot would stop the user from saving the image to Photos library.

But there’s one other main reason to update your iPhone, it has a fix for the AirDoS or the denial of service bug which enabled an attacker to spam all nearby iPhones with an AirDrop sharing popup box. The problem with this bug was that iOS blocked the display of the mobile until the file that was sent through AirDrop is either accepted or denied and if the attacker kept on sending files, the user would be locked out of their own device. Even locking and unlocking the iPhone wouldn’t help as the AirDoS attack is relentless.

So, users are advised to update to iOS 13.3 as it has fixed the bug by applying a rate limit that automatically declines the AirDrop requests after the user has rejected it thrice in a row.




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