Alexa LinkedIn resort to virtual interviews due to coronavirus fear
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LinkedIn resort to virtual interviews due to coronavirus fear


LinkedIn resort to virtual interviews due to coronavirus fear

The outbreak of deadly coronavirus has gripped the world in fear, prompting governments and companies to take action to protect human lives.

The recent example of it is a business and employment-oriented service platform, LinkedIn, which has asked its candidates to either opt for a virtual interview or postpone it until an unspecified date in the future.

The decision is made following the recent ongoing coronavirus outbreak wherein the people's wellbeing is the topmost priority for the companies. This decision has come alongside the recent move by many tech companies of giving its employees a work-from-home option.

In an email to its job applicant, which The Verge reviewed, LinkedIn said: “In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak and with everyone’s health being LinkedIn’s #1 priority at the moment, all candidates who are scheduled to come onsite are being given the option to either complete their entire interview virtually via BlueJeans video conference, or cancel their current schedule and hold off on rescheduling until coming onsite is possible.”

The email also said that “neither option will harm nor affect your candidacy here at LinkedIn.” And LinkedIn’s email is not the first of its kind. A similar email was sent by Google that said all job interviews globally would be conducted virtually. Also, Facebook said it would be canceling most in-person job interviews. Another company to join the list was Amazon, which has put on-site job interviews on hold indefinitely.

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