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Samsung 16 GB RAM enters mass production


Samsung 16 GB RAM enters mass production

The smartphone industry seems to be striving to keep up with the upcoming 5G network technology. 5G technology is no more a distant dream; all the smartphone makers are now busy upgrading their products and developing 5G-enabled devices to retain/advance their position in the market.

This time, it is Samsung, a big name in the smartphone industry, which is doing its bit to ensure the same. The smartphone giant has recently announced that it has started the mass production of its 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM for next-generation of premium smartphones.

The 16GB RAM has a data transfer rate of 5.5 MB/s and also promises a 20% power efficiency to ensure that the batteries don’t drain faster.

These high capabilities of the 16 GB RAM are not aimed at making regular smartphones faster. Instead, it will be needed for the new experiences that 5G will enable in premium smartphones. Samsung says that mobile-games, both streamed and locally installed, will be highly benefited from the high-speed memory package.

Samsung doesn’t intend to keep its immensely powerful 16 GB RAM to itself. Instead, it is mass producing the device which can enable other manufacturers to offer it to its customers.

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