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The essential Phone has arrived


The essential Phone has arrived

The Essential Phone is now open for order, starting from today. Essential, the company started by Android creator Andy Rubin, has started taking online orders for its new phone. Although a little later than expected, the phone will be available to order on Sprint, Best Buy and Essential’s own website.

The phone, which was already available for pre-order on the three websites, is still listed the same with a notification that shipping information is to be conveyed later, which is the closest people have been able to get to actually holding the device in their hands up until now. The company has also begun to send notifications to pre-ordered customers to purchase the device.

The phone, simply called the Essential Phone, features an edge to edge diplay and a standard 128 GB storage with 8 GB RAM. It supports external mods and comes with a 360 degree camera that costs $50, which Essential revealed with the phone. The phone supports all major carriers in the US and comes with a $699 price tag.

The smartphone itself is designed to be minimal in its approach to branding, and the extra add-ons that mess phones up, like preloading apps and content, or recreating their own, substandard versions of stock Android apps. It is also definitely a high-end, premium device when it comes to material and design with essential sparing no expense in its wake.


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