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Tip your drivers on Uber now


Tip your drivers on Uber now

Uber has been going through a lot internal crisis lately. But here is something that users have been looking forward to. The tipping feature is one of the notable reversals of policy in tech which will be going live in 121 cities in US and Canada, including states like San Francisco, New York, Toronto and others.

After evaluating the experience of users in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston, Uber is rolling out the tipping feature in other states as well. Although it currently available in certain cities only, Uber promises to launch it in all cities by the end of July.

To avail the tip from the users, the drivers need to simply update their Driver app to the latest version. Once updated, the drivers will be presented with a screen with option that says ‘Accept Tips’. This enables the riders to tip their drivers, where the ride details are also shared with it.

Tips are of course optional for the riders. Once you have completed the ride and finished rating, the option of tipping him pops up. A rider can retroactively tip up to 30 days following a trip. The amount a rider wishes to tip is completely left to them, of course. They can either choose from the three present amounts or pitch in their own custom tip total. In addition to this, users can even tip on UberEats. Tipping on Uber Eats is again available once you have rated the driver. However in this case, the users can retroactively tip only up to 7 days for past UberEat trips.

Although Uber has been going through its own internal mess, the tipping feature is a part of Uber’s ‘180 days of change’. This is part of Uber’s plan to improve the experience of drivers.   

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