Alexa ‘Vanido' app is now your new personal singing guru!
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‘Vanido' app is now your new personal singing guru!


‘Vanido' app is now your new personal singing guru!

Anyone can act, but singing and dancing is not that easy as you think. If you practice hard you will definitely reach the expected end. All are born with unique talents; but hardly few focus on what they are good at.

 If you really like singing then you must try this new app. ‘Vanido’ a new singing app that helps you to learn singing and also gives you personal training. This app offers exercises to improve your voice and makes you know the potentials in recognizing your voice notes.

The app is built as a voice detector and eventually shows results visually as you sing; to simplify in other words- it’s created as “real-time visual pitch detection” — you might be confused; not to worry this means Vanido helps you on how to improve your voice in a right manner. The app features on three criteria  and is divided into four divisions i.e. agility, foundation, chest voice, and head voice and later mark your voice on three- star scale and gives feedbacks on where you got to improve.

Users are happy with this app. initially, they had to face few jiggles while practicing exercises. Vanido was not able to detect headphones when it’s connected; user had to use multiple earphones. All you need to know is how to manage your routine singing exercises with the app.

The app is designed phenomenally with bright colors with fun added in it. The exercise category contains notes on the “new games that are added with each update,” and the main menu of the app has a grayed-out “Vocal Heat” warm-up that appears on time, this new features have increased high expectations in users.

The only concern for now about the app is microphone settings; the app developers are looking to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

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